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If you turn off your (i)phone, will you still receive missed texts and calls?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) July 9th, 2011

They appear when you turn your phone back on, right?

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Yes, if they leave a voice mail.

Meaning it may not always appear in the “recent calls” list.

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How do you turn your iPhone off???

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Hold the button on the top for 5 seconds and then slide across when it asks.

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Your texts will come in when you switch your phone back on. If a person doesn’t leave a voicemail when they call, your phone (or at least, my iPhone doesn’t) won’t register this call.

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Your text messages will appear about a minute or two after you turn the phone on, HOWEVER the date and time on any new messages will be the current time, rather than the time the text message was sent.

E.g I turn my phone off at 2pm, my friend sends me a text at 2:30pm, I turn my phone on at 3pm, the time on this new text will read 3pm.

As for calls, unless they leave a voicemail, you will not be notified of any missed calls.

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The best way to know the answer to this with absolute certainty… is to meet with someone face to face (someone with a mobile of their own). Turn off your phone, then watch as they send a text to you, and then as they call to leave a voicemail. A few minutes later, turn your phone back on and pick up your messages. Then you will know for sure, and not have to take anyone’s word for whether it works, how it works, or what needs to be done to make it work.

You’ll be the expert, then.

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Your phone will display missed texts. It will not list missed calls, so if they don’t leave a voice mail, you won’t know.

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Except that phones with caller ID (including all of the cells I’ve ever used) have a “call history” log of all the calls that were placed to or from the phone, including missed calls, hang-ups and voice mails. (I don’t think that texts are logged in the same way, though. I’m pretty sure they’re not.) You just have to find the menu option that lets you review the call history.

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@WasCy That call history list only records the calls involved while the phone was turned on. If it is turned off, it will not record missed calls.

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This information is all certainly true! Just found out. Thanks!

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Well I have to ask, why do you want to turn it off when the little switch on the side makes it silent?

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You’re right, @filmfann. I hadn’t known that before.

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@rooeytoo – I only have a cell phone, so friends, family and clients all have the same number. I turn mine off if I need to get some sleep at odd hours, or if I’m spending time with my wife. I do it for two reasons

1) it’s a habit to always check it immediately when a call/text/email comes in, to see if it’s important. If it doesn’t go off, I can sleep peacefully, focus on what’s in front of me, of do whatever needs to get done. I don’t wonder who I’m ignoring.
2) If someone calls and your phone is off, it goes straight to voicemail. I think most people know that means it’s off and so know I may not get that message right away.

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@funkdaddy – I kinda forget people actually use them to make and receive calls, hehehe, mine is mostly for angry birds and plants and zombies, runkeeper, sketchbook, etc. etc. etc.

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@rooeytoo: to prevent angry drunk texting. haha

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Ahhhhhh, I gave up drinking a long time ago just to avoid nasty situations such as this.

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