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Would me and my boyfriend be safe in Barbados?

Asked by tirithalui (408points) April 29th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m going on holiday to Barbados with the family around July/august, and I’d love to invite my boyfriend to come too. Having quickly glanced over wikipedia I’ve learnt that homosexuality is illegal there (grrrr) and that the punishment us life imprisonment… Eeep! I was lucky enough to be there last year and I never encountered anyone to be aggressive or violent for any reason, but would I be “asking for it” by just being there with my boyfriend? Or would just being careful about public displays of affection be ok?
I would really love him to come obviously but I would hate to put him or myself in any danger.
Are my fears unfounded? What do y’all think?


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Tourism is a significant portion of the GNP of Barbados, so I doubt they’d risk that by causing an international scene. However, you’re always subject to the laws of the country you travel to.

Either way, it kind of sucks.

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Why would you be worried about homosexual laws? When me and my wife went nobody know we were heterosexual. Do you plan on having relations in the town square?

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@ gooch Nice.

@tirithalui – Unless you are engaging in PDA you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Plus they will know you are foreigners most likely and turn a blind eye to it, knowing you are tourists.

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Did you not hold hands with your wife while you walked on the beach, gooch? You must not be a very romantic guy…

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Yes but then again I have held hands with all of my 3 daughters. Heck I even held hands with a total stranger while he died after a car crash. I did not know hand holding was all that sexual or a determination of sexual preferance.

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I noticed you said daughters, not sons. Would you disagree that when two men hold hands, in Western society, that usually means something?

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Yes I agree it means “somthing” but not that I am homosexual. Like I said I held hands with a male patient who was scared as he died. I often hold my patients hand because I do care about them. Holding hands is kind of different than what I consider inappropriate public displays of affection whatever your sexual preference.

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preference perhaps? with an e?

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So, the next time you’re hanging out with your male “buddies”, you know, watching the game, riding in the car, drinking a beer, you take one of the hands, and just hold it. Get back to me when you’ve done that.

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@La_chica_gomela Why in the world would he need to do that?

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He’s saying that holding hands with someone has nothing to do with being in a relationship with them or with one’s sexual identity. I’m saying if that’s true, then he would hold hands with his guy friends, if it’s such not a big deal, like he claims.

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I think holding the hand of a dying man to comfort him is just a little different than holding hands with a buddy while watching a game, and you know that also. Gooch is a caring and compassionate man, and you shouldn’t pick at him without justification.

Comforting a sick or dying man is a big deal. He never said it wasn’t. He simply said there is nothing sexual about it. I think you misunderstood what he was saying big time.

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I think you misunderstood the conversation we were having, scamp. I never said there was anything wrong with hold hands with a dying man. I’m not “picking at him” with OR without justification. He’s the one who asked tirithalui if he was planning on “having sexual relations in the town square.” tirithalui wanted to know if he would be safe in Barbados. If going to jail was on the line for me, I probably wouldn’t hold hands.

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I think Gooch was making a joke originally.

Yes you can hold hands or have physical contact with people without it having anything to do to sex, or sexual orientation. And while you can’t be sure two guys are gay if they’re holding hands or appear affectionate in public you CAN assume from CONTEXT.
Two guys holding hands or interacting with each other affectionately are most likely gay.

@Gooch, if your original comment wasn’t a joke, I wasn’t intending on having relations with him in the town square, I was intending to be able to express my love and affection for him in an appropriate manner.

La Chica’s got the right end of the stick, and some people are misunderstanding I feel.

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