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So how do you like GTA IV?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) April 29th, 2008

i’ve been playing for a few hours, and frankly i think its smashing.

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Sweet. I’m trying to wean myself off video games, so I won’t be buying it, but I have a friend who has it for PS3 who’ll let me play it someday. I’ve only played Vice City for PC, which I thought was awesome.

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Heading to the store to pick it up after I get off work. I hope they still have some copies.

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its cool as hell… I love it

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I’m just going to wait for the second shipment of the game to come in. Then at least I know I can get myself a copy easier.

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I can’t wait to get it!!!!

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(literay) Justbooted it up. Watching the title screen.

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I played last night for a few hours after picking it up from Gamestop’s midnight release (along with approximately 200 others) and I must say it’s blowing my mind. Off to play now!

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i got it the day before release (played it without connection to the net) so i got a little head start, and so far i’m realy liking it, just played some online with a few mates :)

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Let me know when you find the ‘Hot Coffee Mode’ equivalent. Hillary will go berserk.

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The TV is hilarious! I haven’t goten a gun yet even though I’ve played for a hour and a half.

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I got all the way until Vlad’s first mission (without saving) and then my Xbox froze on me…tomorrow morning I’ll be bootin’ it up to start all over again.

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@RedmannX5 Ouch

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@red auto save dude ^_^.
I got 25 hours into the game on ice blus xbox now i have to start all over again on mine heh. Fun right?

Anyway i think this game is amazing and without a doubt one of the greatest games ive ever played. Like fortris said the tv is awesome. I knew the game was great when i turned on the radio and heard this. All the characters in this game are pretty awesome too. Everyone has a very distinct personality and you start to feel like you know the characters which is pretty cool.Ramble ramble…. right well then im going to get back to playing.

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ya somehow my auto save feature got turned off…ya get a little crazy when you stay up all night playin GTA IV.

@├╝ber: oh yeah…its a blast alright!

Just the massive-ness of the game is incredible. Now I’m almost 3/4 of the way through the game and I’m still seeing places that I’ve never seen before and hearing street-side comments that I’ve never heard before. Its so bomb!

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I am having some trouble with the loading though. Like I’ll drive up to a building and it will take a couple seconds to get the high-rez layers on, etc. Sometimes it’ll just freeze too. I’m not sure if its the game or my 360. Anyone having these troubles too?

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Im thinking its your 360 because ive now played at 3 peoples house now and i haven’t seen anything like that.

Have you played online yet? Free mode is amazing.

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My Xbox Live Gold subscription ran out a couple weeks ago and I just need to renew it again cuz you can’t play w/ only Silver can you?

And if my Xbox is all messed up, can I send it in and get a new one or just get mine repaired?

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Nah no playing online with silver.

Yea, Microsoft just extended all the warranties from 1 year to 3. So you should be fine warranty wise. Just give them a call and they will send you a box to ship your xbox in and it will take like 2 weeks or so but youll get a new one for free so its worth it.

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