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OS Xers: what is your fav app?

Asked by zaid (216points) April 29th, 2008

honestly, mine is prob itunes with adium a close second.

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any app? Adobe illustrator
OSS only? Grab

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I love MAYA, then After Effects Then Illustrator.

Ironically my skill set goes Illustrator, After effects then maya

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All the iWorks apps for me…......I run them pretty much constantly whether it’s for work, college or private.

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For working – Pages
For other stuff – Things

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@ Glawrie – What is “Things”?

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adium, colloquy, mail, itunes, safrai, sktich.

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By far the best web dev app I’ve used!

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@Bri L
Things is another task organization software. It is amazing I use it 24/7. Its still in Beta, but you can purchase it now if you please. Things

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Thanks ipodrulz!

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@Bri L
Missed your post – sorry. As ipodrulz says, Things is another GTD type application. But the first I’ve come across that seems to be built the way I think – work. It is not so formally structured as others, and you can get into using it quickly (rather than defining lots of things and then struggling to remember them). Good as it is, as it works through beta the developers are adding new features – I hope that they don’t bury it along the way.

Things uses tags in a similar way to Leap. I like Leap, so maybe that’s why I like Things.

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@ glawrie – no worries, I have already downloaded it and am trying it out. I looks like exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the tip!

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