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How come we cannot know which moderator took care of an issue?

Asked by Hibernate (9073points) July 12th, 2011

Let me explain here.

One replies to a question. Then one gets flagged by others as being inappropriate [ spelling / grammar / spam / attacks etc ]. Then a moderator either decides the flagging was correct or not and then by his or hers standards they either moderate it or let it as it is.

Why can’t we see which one moderated the response?
Why can’t more talk about some of them?
[ excuse me if you do talk about a reply ]
Why does one not get some warning for making attacks?

And there’s a lot more I had in mind but it’s late so I can’t remember them all right now.

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For it to work, I’ve got to imagine that they support one another’s actions. Singling out one seems counter-productive.

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So basically if one looks first and is okay or against the flagging and takes care of it shouldn’t others have a saying here and there ?

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I do not wish to know which Mod had the audacity to tell me I did not conform! ;)

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They are just enforcing the rules—doesn’t matter which one.

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I just want it to be Auggie and get the whip whilst she’s wearing her knee high boots.

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@Kayak8 but you know most rules are meant to be broken and most people bend the rules from time to time .

I do not say this to make it obvious but I just wonder why there’s no ” warned by X ” ” moderated by that ” .

I mostly get my answers moderated for grammar and writing standards . I wish at least one would tell me wich part was wrong so I can improve and evolve my English skills . [ but this is my case and it’s only a bit of the general question ]

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Tooked? Come’on mods! Pull the trigger here…

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Anoymous moderation and anoymous lurve help keep the focus on the content of the site, not the personalities.

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@Hibernate You can pm Augustlan and ask her about the specific quips of yours that have been modded. I imagine it would be a lot of extra work on the volunteers that are our mods to have to also pm each person they are modding every time they do it (especially with the way some days are on here).

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I don’t believe rules are meant to be broken. I believe there are some individuals who think the rules don’t apply to them and they choose to break them. There is actually a mental health pathology relating to people who think rules don’t apply to them, by the way.

I am not at all surprised that you are regularly moderated for spelling and grammatical errors as I have read some of your questions and answers in the time you have been here. I also don’t think someone should have to be warned against making attacks. Read the site guidelines—attacking others is not encouraged (and is also pathological).

I think if, by interacting with native English speakers on Fluther, you are able to improve your written English that is terrific, but the mods are not here to be tutors. In the spirit of generosity, your use of the non-word “tooked” in the above question should be “took.”

Your question, “How come we cannot know which moderator tooked care of an issue ?” might better be worded as “Why are we not able to know which moderator took care of an issue?” In addition, the expression “How come?” is often used in spoken English, but is not as often used in written English.

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Well, I’d like to think that all mods agree on what the guidelines are, and trust one another to act accordingly to a situation without the need of a counsel. It would take way too long for anything to get dealt with, otherwise.

A lot of the time some modded posts are accompanied by a mod saying, flame off folks, or wtv. Actually I think I’ve only ever seen Auggie do that…but eh no matter, if they all do the same job, we don’t need to know who it is. Unless you want to get personal or something. I denno.

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@Seaofclouds thanks but I gave that idea a thought a while ago . I need way to much babysitting for it to properly work and it will be a pain in the ass for others to correct me all the time . I mean I would need a lot of correcting which takes time and I’m not the only member .

But then again see what I mean ? @Kayak8 explains it better than me . Nobody wants to tutor others .

But in the end it’s all good [ to bad it won’t last ] .

@Kayak8 maybe you’d like to learn several languages then see it’s not easy to think / speak / act like the natives . Most use one or two languages then they stop . I tried by my own initiative to learn more and better myself . I want you to understand that it’s not easy evolving in a domain without practicing it and not have someone around to explain how things work [ picture this : you learn how to use a chainsaw ( assuming that you don’t know how to ) but nobody explains what’s what then you go and cut a tree you break the chain .. then you figure out how not to break it but you do other things that you shouldn’t normally do them ] . How fast will you learn if someone is there to teach you ? How fast will you learn if someone isn’t there to help ?
I could have left the community after a few days when nobody was paying attention to what I was asking / posting but I saw people were friendly enough and willing to help [ and most had a sense of humour even for some lame jokes and statements ] . I stayed because I saw people ABLE to teach me a thing or two .
In any case thanks for your help .

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@Hibernate I have learned several languages and I often try to find native speakers so that I can practice. If members of Fluther want to help you, that is great, (and it sounds like many are). I think using a website like this is a great way to learn from folks who generally write pretty well and I think many will help you (particularly if they know you are a non-native speaker). My point is that it is not a moderator’s job to tutor you.

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No but he can at least point out what or where was the mistake so I can correct it .
Or else I’d do the same mistakes over and over .

Thanks for your replies @Kayak8

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@Hibernate What is your first language?

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@Hibernate Fluther is not about tutoring others. I think it is preferred that users already have a good grasp of the written English language and its rules. It’s a way to weed out the “undesirables” in a sense. I come here for the intellectual aspects – if that were not important to me, I’d go hang out at Yahoo! Answers and the like.

Someone, please correct me if I’m wrong.

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I’m not quite sure what learning many languages has to do with anything on this Q, @Hibernate. If your post is long, well thought out, involves sourcing with links, etc, sometimes the moderators can be persuaded to return it to you, otherwise they just don’t have the time. Remember, they are a volunteer squad with real lives, families, jobs, school and other stuff to do. This is an American site, the rules (which, by the way, are not meant to be broken) pertain to English, and although all international comers are welcome, they still apply. I see non-native speakers being given a lot of leeway here.
I don’t see any need for the mods to have to explain their actions to everyone who disagrees with them.

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When I first started here, I got involved in a question that was politically incorrect for Fluther. The person I was talking to was a bully, argumentative, rude, you name it. I flagged one of his comments, and surprise! It turns out he was a mod. He was a total douche bag, but there was nothing I could do about it. I think that if a non-mod said those things, THEY would have been modded. I’m glad to say he’s not here anymore.

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@snowberry Interesting. And a bit sad to hear…

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Why can’t we see which one moderated the response? 1. Because we’re a team and we all follow/enforce the same guidelines. 2. Because some users will disagree and make a big deal out of being modded and hold a personal vendetta against certain mods – or begin to think certain mods are out to get them. (Trust me, we aren’t.)
Why can’t more talk about some of them? Sorry if I don’t understand what you’re asking, but if you mean if we talk about things before we mod them… well, we do. A lot. A lot!!! However, if it’s something that’s clearly against guidelines, we don’t have to discuss it, we just know it shouldn’t be left up so we remove it. If a question or quip is borderline, we consult other mods or Lisa.
Why does one not get some warning for making attacks? People who make personal attacks against other users do get warnings, they just aren’t public. What mods do publicly do is insert a [mod says:] comment into a question if responses get out of hand or off-topic. Warnings to users are always sent via private PM. Furthermore, if the user continues whatever behavior got them warned in the first place then they get placed on a two week suspension. If they still continue, they may be banned.

Hope this help clear things up….

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@Symbeline Yes, it helps to have cast iron feelings here, unless of course you run with the herd. Then it’s no problem.

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If what you’re saying is true, that sucks, especially if that mod was breaking some guidelines. And even if they weren’t, your suspecting that if someone who isn’t a mod would have been modded for saying those things sucks. It sucks that it would have happened, and not as in what you’re saying sucks, mind you lol.

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@Symbeline That mod was called on his bullying behavior by other Jellies. That’s when I flagged his comments. But as I said, it didn’t matter. Apparently mods have privileges, even though they might deny it.

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Dare I say his name??? Will I get modded for it?

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@snowberry Dare I say his name??? Will I get modded for it?

Probably. If he’s no longer here, why is it relevant? Other than to piss and moan, I mean.

Response moderated
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@snowberry I remember hearing bad things about that mod.

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I don’t think the information about which mod pulled a question or comment should be made available to users. That makes it, or might make it seem, to some of our more “sensitive” users, personal and it’s not personal.

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@lillycoyote I completely agree with you! Knowing which mod is in furtherance of nothing but personalizing things that really aren’t personal.

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I also think it’s best for moderation to be anonymous. The whining individual mods would have to endure from some of our more paranoid members would be unbearable.

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@Kayak8 I disagree as all of my questions AND answers are very personal to me and anyone that feels the need to anonymously mess with my words should be as accountable as they are holding me for my perceived Fro-Pa!

Response moderated
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Great Caesar’s ghost, someone who almost read my mind, I would not need to know which moderator ditched my question,—though I could speculate, I do think if there was a forum where just the question or answer can be debriefed anonymously. So, then we can all learn why this question didn’t rise to the height of Fluther standard when a similar question did. Or why was that answer axed when another answer that seem even more raw made it through. It at times seem like there is no constant but mods making decisions off their own personal likes or dislikes. The constant would be clearer, I think, if there was more light on the process.

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@Cruiser Let’s get it all out in the open then… who mods the questions and answers, who in the community flags them and why they get flagged… why not? I don’t care about my answers so much but who the fuck keeps flagging my questions?

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When a moderate sends a moderator pm to a user about some issue or other, sometimes, that user can get verbally abusive towards the mod specifically. This has happened more than once to me. I have volunteered to send warnings to certain people or been asked to send these warnings and then I get a very nasty response back. Can you imagine if everyone knew who moderated them? These kinds of messages would skyrocket and everyone would think that certain mods had grudges against them. This is simply not true. Nor is it true that mods have special privileges as @snowberry indicates. Many people think that the rules should apply more heavily to mods and that there is even a whole slew of unwritten rules that apply to mods. This often leads people to think that a strongly worded response by a mod is especially offensive and violates the guidelines. This is not true. I’d be willing to bet that if an “ordinary” user had posted the comments that @snowberry speaks of, then she would not still be upset about them, but because a mod posted them, they seem especially horrible.

Remember, just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean that they are attacking you and just because someone moderates you doesn’t mean they have a grudge against you.

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@KatawaGrey oh, I would never cuss you guys out, even when that canning stung a little. ;-D

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@Hypocrisy_Central: A caning? Oh, that wasn’t us then. We only use Auggie’s whip. ;)

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@KatawaGrey He said canning. Apparently someone threw a container of sliced olives at him.

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@FutureMemory: We don’t do that either.

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[mod says] Posts that ‘named names’ have been removed. Please don’t do that again.

@snowberry I remember the thread you’re referring to. Nothing that the (now former) moderator said broke the guidelines. Were the comments nice and friendly? No, they certainly weren’t. They weren’t removable under our guidelines, though. If they had been, I assure you they would have been removed. No one is above the ‘law’ here. Not even our founders.

Now, to actually answer the question. It’s just not a good idea to link an individual mod to any particular instance of moderation. People do take things personally, and grudges would be held. You’d be surprised by the number of people who have complained that one of the mods was ‘out to get them’, only to be told that several moderators were involved in the series of events that made them think so. The mods work as a team. Every mod sees what actions every other mod has taken. If anything is borderline, we discuss it and make decisions as a team. Any question about moderation can be directed to any moderator, or myself.

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Who cares? I mean, if something gets modded it’s almost certainly deserved & designed to help. There’s always a reason given, sometimes with a little sage advice thrown in.
Shouldn’t matter about individuals, trust the “A Team” to do their thang…...i’m rooting for Mr. T ;¬}

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Wait, post that name names, or name user names?

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She refers to @snowberry ‘s posts above which got moderated.

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Dang, I guessed I missed it, or didn’t play close attention LOL LOL LOL

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I love Fluther. I pretty much live here, now. I dream of it at night. I’m now FB friends with some Jellies. I panicked at the end of last year when the boys left us for Twitter, and I’ve even spent time with some Jellies in RL. No, they weren’t creepy serial killers, although one of them did bring a whip :-O! And you know what? I still can’t take it so seriously as to get whiny and upset when I get modded. And I do get modded. In fact, one of the mods comes to my house to reprimand me sometimes. Geez, get over yourselves, people, nobody’s prose is that deathless. If you really can’t stand it, there are many many many sites on the internet that have much looser guidelines.

And what’s the big woop about Greek yogurt vs the regular stuff?

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@JilltheTooth I actually asked that question! Turns out, it’s water content. That’s it! Same exact stuff.

JilltheTooth's avatar

Wow, I had no idea! Guess I’ll stick with my Stonyfield Farm, then!

And that ^^^ dear Fluther, is why I love our Mods!!! ;-)))

JilltheTooth's avatar

Thanks, @syz , that’s actually an interesting thread! Learn something new every day! Off I go to Trader Joes!

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Moderator anonymity serves the same function as the witness relocation program.

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I wanted to clarify my first post on this thread. Yes, it’s been bothering me.

I stated:
Fluther is not about tutoring others. I think it is preferred that users already have a good grasp of the written English language and its rules. It’s a way to weed out the “undesirables” in a sense. I come here for the intellectual aspects – if that were not important to me, I’d go hang out at Yahoo! Answers and the like.

I want to clarify what I meant by undesirables. I had a hard time coming up with a word to use – as to not sound mean or higher than thou. I do not mean people who do not speak English as a first language. I’m hoping no one thought that was my intent.
Basically, I meant people who: Text speak with practically everything. Generally make way too many spelling mistakes. Troll and insult others regularily. Do not follow the basic writing standards (spelling, punctuation, proper English, etc). Spam/advertise for some company/product. And, of course, not following the Fluther guildlines/rules.

Of course, no one is perfect. We all make mistakes. It becomes an issue when a person keeps making them though.

That’s basically it. I just wanted to be clear, thank you. :)

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There are 13 mods. As far as I know, they are all volunteers. You want them to spend time correcting your English for you? I doubt they have the time to do so. Seems like a very self-centered request to me.

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Who’s watching the watchers?

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@incendiary_dan Perhaps it’s the one wielding the whip… ;)

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@incendiary_dan Rumor has it, it goes like this, all the mods file in and sit at this long oaken table in a cherry wood paneled room. Then the Modfather comes in and they all cue up and kiss his/her ring and take their seats. Then they present questions or answers they didn’t like then the Modfather decides if it should get whacked or not. If the Q or A is to be whacked it is taken out to where they are pouring fresh concrete for the interstate or high rise foundation and the question is never heard from again. For the person who made the question or answer is not clipped, but taken to the basement where they have electrodes attached to parts of their body only their doctor or mate sees, or they get a belt sander running, to the soles of their feet. Sometimes they are stripped naked, tied to a tree, drizzled with sugar water, honey and molasses and left out overnight.

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Thanks for replies ^^

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I’m naming names here….um….Hippy Central!

Response moderated
Response moderated
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@Hibernate I have often wondered this myself.

But then I realized it didn’t matter which mod moderated our responses. If that info was made public, there’d be all kinds of drama, hurt feelings and backlash. There’s enough of that already. But I assume you can always privately ask one of the mods why they did something to one of your answers.

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