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Do you believe in confrontation?

Asked by AshlynM (9457points) July 12th, 2011

Are you the type of person to confront someone, even if it’s over the smallest issue?

Or do you just let things slide?

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I let a lot of stuff slide. I don’t even really find myself in situations so serious I’d have to confront someone.

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It’s not just about whether it’s a small or large issue. It’s also about whether or not a confrontation would help.

If I think I can improve the situation in any way, I usually do.

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I used to let stuff slide until I would boil over but nowadays I try to get it out, get through it, get on with it.

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My dad always taught me to stand up for myself, if I was right.

I have lived by his words for many years.

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I am in agreement with John P.!

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I’m a wuss, I let things slide.

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@john65pennington I’m with you. There are already too many people without a backbone in this world. I was taught to stand up for myself as well. If you don’t stand up for yourself, who else should?

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I’m not the type to confront over the smallest issue, but certainly am not conflict averse. Since most people do appear to be more conflict averse than me, I find it really easy to solve problems by just addressing whatever the problem is with the offender. They tend to back down quickly. The problem is sometimes people are so conflict averse you can’t actually discuss the problem with them since it makes them too nervous.

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I don’t believe in “confrontation,” no, not for it’s own sake. I certainly don’t believe in “getting all up in someone’s face” over things. But, I do believe in not getting walked all over though and in holding people accountable. If I feel the need to “confront” someone I try to do it in a civilized way and stick to the issue. I also believe in choosing my battles wisely. And sometimes I just get really pissed off but that doesn’t happen all that often. I have very long fuse.

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You talkin’ to me? Ya wanna piece of this? Come on—lets do this!

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Never. It will prevent the solution to the very problem I am trying to confront. Thus I use appropriate and non-offensive queries to elucidate the opposite of confrontation, the best remedy to those trying to create a confrontation. 99.9% of people usually will quickly defuse their escalatory advances via the use of this learning technique. Confrontation is the refuge of the weak of mind and unskilled of thought.

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@dannyc confrontation doesn’t necessarily mean violence, you know that right?

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I believe you can confront people about a problem without being “confrontational.” I do that if I think it’s necessary, but I don’t think most disagreements are worth it. A woman sitting in front of me in a class would come in with her very long hair still wet from being washed. (Not sopping, just not all dry.) She tossed her head around and ran her hands through her hair without any concern about the people around her. That one I didn’t take on. I just avoided sitting behind her again. On the other hand, I did speak to someone talking incessantly during the class. She later thanked me for telling her the way I did. She didn’t stop entirely, but there was a lot less talking thereafter.

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I usually am very non-confrontational. However, when people are rude or offensive, racially-insensitive, sexist, whatever-ist, I suddenly develop a backbone and a temper to go with it.

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I think I take a fair bit and then when it gets to be too much, I confront. I try to do so in a polite fashion, but it depends on what the problem is and probably my mood has a bit to do with it as well.

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I try to determine if it’s “a hill worth dying on”. Most things aren’t, but sometimes a battle needs to be fought.

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IMO, confrontation means “clearing the air”. Yes, I stand up for myself and my family. Often people are doing something they aren’t cognizant of when they step on someone else’s toes/feelings. I’m the type of person that let’s them know I won’t tolerate it.

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