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WestRiverrat's avatar

Clint Eastwood in Outlaw Josie Wales

lillycoyote's avatar

I those are my only choices I’m going to have go with drunken monkey.

JilltheTooth's avatar

Noisy Cricket.

AshLeigh's avatar

If you can come up with a better one, have at it.
Those were just some examples. :)

Berserker's avatar

I slither in the shadows and I am the wind that brings doom. Your nightmare is my heaven, and my only joy in life is to see your blood spill as it sparkles in the moonlight for but a brief moment, before becoming one with the soil.
You become one with nothingness, I become one with the night. Petty strife and laughable pride…all such foolishness. Why do people cling to life and rebuild their hopes, when nothing but destruction is to be the prize of their work? Love, life, hope…what are these things? And where are they going? These things…I will destroy. For I am ninja.

Erm. I’m not drunk enough to think I’m actually being awesome. Yet.

Drunken master.

Jude's avatar

My hair hanging in my face and frothing at the mouth. I’m a crazy bitch and will cut you.

Coloma's avatar

Look at the other raving idiot and walk away. Fighting is a waste of energy.

But..when I was young, I once picked a girl up by her shirt collar and choked her a little. She gave me my seat back. lol

Berserker's avatar

@Coloma Damn man, remind me not to fuck wit you…just don’t touch my slurpee.

cockswain's avatar

I used to study Shaolin and actually learned a drunken form. I loved doing it. So I’m going with that. Beating people up while holding cups and jugs. Awesome.

WestRiverrat's avatar

Anyone going for Angry Drunken Monkey Master?

Blackberry's avatar

Tyler Durden, or Bryan from Tekken lol.

King_Pariah's avatar

Normal/Calm/I-don’t-give-a-drowning-shat: Defensive/Counter Offensive. Never been good at dodging so I simply absorb blow after blow and then BAM. Normally just boxing and grappling just want it to end as soon as possible

Angry/Rage and Psycho Happy Mode (Sado Masochism kicks in): Aggressive. Absorb blows but give them right back with a little more umph, Anything goes, all is fair in love and war.

mazingerz88's avatar

Angry Monkey definitely and my primary weapon is a fresh roll of toilet paper. Believe it or not, it’s one of the most deadliest weapons out there. : )

Coloma's avatar

I did leave a very firm message for a jerk off repair person today. I told them they had til Thurs. to get back over here and make things right, or, there was gonna be trouble that neither of us would prefer to deal with! Grrr!

filmfann's avatar

annoying rash.

Pandora's avatar

Angry monkey when I was younger. More like tired monkey these days.

AshLeigh's avatar

Anyone a Motherly Moose?(:

TexasDude's avatar


Because only a ruffian strikes with the back of his hands.

WestRiverrat's avatar

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard unless the gentleman in question is challenging you to an affair of honor. But then he only strikes once until the seconds have made the arrangements.

Coloma's avatar

I have always wanted to slap someone across the face with a kidskin glove!
Take THAT you cad! lol

gondwanalon's avatar

I run like a startled brush rabbit from a fight but when corned I’ll turn and fight like a Tasmanian Devil!

Coloma's avatar

Heh, the stray repair lamb just called and I’ve got him eating out of my hand, aaah, amazing what a little baaaing can do to lead the baaad lamb to slaughter Oooh, I’m on the schedule for tomorrow ey? This cougar eats lambs for breakfast. :-D

athenasgriffin's avatar

Psychotically and with malicious glee.

Luckily it doesn’t happen often.

Schroedes13's avatar

one great thing to do in the winter for fun is to walk up to one of your friends while taking off your mitten/glove. Proceed to slap him in the face with it and state “I challenge you to a duel! Do you accept or are you a coward?” This usually gets a ton of laughs or at the very least, a good wrestling match!

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

Are these our only options? I’m definitely not a master of anything, but I’m pretty ruthless. I fight dirty. No holds barred. I assume this puts me in the angry monkey category, but I’m not actually sure. lol.

Schroedes13's avatar

lol…...MONKEYS ARE NOT DIRTY! EVEN WHEN THEY’RE ANGRY! *walks over to ANef, while slowly taking off my glove….lol jk

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

Flinging poo is dirty. Not that I do that, haha, but I hear that monkeys do.

ucme's avatar

Startled ostrich, kind of a kick you in the nuts & run approach….laughing as I go.

AshLeigh's avatar

In a previous comment I said
“If you can come up with a better one, have at it.
Those were just some examples. :)”
Make them up, to your hearts content. :)

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

@AshLeigh it’s cool. Now I feel like I’ve grown attached to the “angry monkey.” :) Thanks for clarifying, though. I’m oblivious, as usual.

Schroedes13's avatar style would be “Big Cuddly Panda”

Brian1946's avatar

Litigious wallflower.

Plucky's avatar

My style would be like Hidden Monkey Sharting Elephant.

AshLeigh's avatar

I’d be… Raving Hippie.
Or… Moshing Lovefest. :D

Pele's avatar

I duck and cover.

ucme's avatar

Slightly bemused badger. You’ll be sucked into a false sense of security by my cute & cuddly persona, then i’ll jump up & scratch your eyes out…uh huh, oh yeah, that’s right!

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