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Ever send a picture of yourself to a stranger on the internet?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14647points) July 12th, 2011

Why? Was it revealing? What did you expect to happen?

Ever ask for someone to send one to you? Was it disappointing when you saw the stranger’s image?

-If it was disappointing, did you cease contact with the sender?

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No, it would hurt my feelings if they ceased contact after seeing my picture and that is probably what would happen. :-)

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Haha yeah. I was 19 or so, and discovering the joys of the internet. I was talking to this guy from Pakistani, and he asked for a picture. So I sent one, but it only showed my head. He said he wanted a bigger one of me with no clothes on, then asked how much women in my country charge for sex. I replied that unless they’re prostitutes, we don’t charge people for sex. He said that a young lady shouldn’t be telling lies. I was like wtf.

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@Symbeline I am suddenly very concerned about what rumors go around Pakistan about western peoples.

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Yes. I ended up regretting it too. Some people are CREEPS.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought He seemed to think that all men had to pay wives, girlfriends and what have you for sex. As I understood, but I didn’t stick around much longer after what I described here. :/

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Everyone is a stranger on the Internet, yet again some people manage to gain out trust somehow. Have I sent a pic to a total stranger? No, I haven’t,
I have sent to people that I have chatted with a few times. Why? Because it can be awkward to talk to someone that you like and you enjoy chatting with and not have a clue of what they look like.

I have sent somewhat revealing pix to people I know for a while or like in a special way.

What did Iexpect? Expected the person to like what he saw and to relate a face with a chat box.

Yes, I have asked for pix. Some I have liked and some not. Some were disappointing and I stopped contact with the sender. I have to say looks are important to me. Not great looks but looks that I personally find attracive

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Yeah, I don’t know how normal it is, but a lot of us experimented with chat rooms and the like in high school. I sent pics of my my face, body, and junk to (what I hope was) women, and received pics from women. We also did the same on webcams. The internet is full of win.

Should I be saying stuff like this? Could I get in trouble?

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@Blackberry Thank you.

I like fluther the best when people are saying stuff they are mildly worried they might get in trouble for.

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Hmm, wish I had the body to do that. I do have a body but you know, not sure about the naked part. Wiener was my hero! Hail Weiner!

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The only person I ever sent a personal photo to was my (now) fiance before I met him in person. Even when I participated on a dating site, I didn’t post a photo. It culled out a few of the creepy men.

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No. I don’t even send pictures of myself to my IRL friends.

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No. No reason too. I’m not looking for a relationship on line or anywhere else.
Even if I was single, I’m too paronoid to put my picture up. You never know where it may end up.

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@chyna Are you fishing for compliments? Also, how you doin’?

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@bob_ she’s mine. Hands off.

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No, I haven’t. I’m a little bit paranoid.

Unless facebook counts.

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@bob_ No I swear I wasn’t!

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Several years ago, I traded nude photos with a guy. Why? No real reason other than I wanted to. I expected him to send me a photo of himself, and he did. I wasn’t disappointed in the least, and neither was he.

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I wouldn’t lie =)

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@Facade Atta girl.

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No but I was wondering if any flutherites have done this.

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@smilingheart1 On Fluther, I’ve used two personal photos to support specific questions. Others post personal photos while most stick to an anonymous picture for an avatar. Just know that even a personal photo on Fluther can be copied. If that bothers you, then don’t do it.

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