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For what reason would you take the life of another human being?

Asked by Schroedes13 (3876points) July 12th, 2011

There is always a broad range of answers to questions like this from never to for almost anything. I just wonder where you fit in on the spectrum!

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If they were trying to kill me, or at least, severely harm me. If killing them would mean my safety, I believe I’d do it, would no other option be available.
For all the bullshit I post on here, I’d never want to take a human life, and this is the only scenario in which I see myself doing it.

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If they were trying to kill me, of course.

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Euthanasia for a family member/friend in excruciating pain.

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If they were harming me or someone I love. I would kill them, if I could, in a heartbeat.

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Depends on my mood/ which “me” is out at the moment. Sometimes it could be if someone(s) was/were coming at me in a hostile manner, sometimes not even that is enough, and sometimes, well, just because.

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The rape or murder of my child. Eye for an eye! Or I would be glad to put my MIL on an iceberg in the Northern Ice land!

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If they were raping, torturing, etc, my children with no remorse.

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Two words. THE PUNISHER.

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Self Defense.

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Self-defense or if someone is trying to kill a member of my family or close friend. Eye for an eye too.
@Michael_Huntington You think you would have the guts to do it? I thought I could do that if a family memeber was suffering too, but then I had to do it for my dog. Putting her down was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. Knowing I was the one who decided on my dog’s life was awful, very, very sad :’(. Don’t know if could actually do it for my dad or nephews.

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Only to protect the lives of the innocent.

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In defense of my own or someone else’s life.

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Exactly what @lillycoyote said.

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I’d kill to protect myself.
I’d kill to protect a loved one.
I’d kill someone raping/torturing/trying to kill another.

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Only in self defense if no other options/escapes were available. Maaaaybe, assist in euthanasia. I did fantasize about my ex husband dropping dead, but not about actually killing him myself. Then again, if he was dead no alimony. Better yet, he remarried, he might have two of us on payroll one day! hahaha

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@Porifera The last thing I want to see is someone suffering. I would rather let them have a painless death than to die in agony. It may be difficult, but it’s humane. About a week ago, I had to take a loved one off life support, and it was one of the most painful experiences in my life. I’m sorry for the loss of your dog.

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@Michael_Huntington I’m sorry you had to go through that too. I know the rationale behind Euthanasia and I agree with you, seeing someone youl ove suffer is unbearable. My question was on the vain of easier said than done, saying it and actually doing it are two differetn things.
I miss her badly, actually miss 3 of my dogs that have died in a period of 3 years. Used to have 8, I’m now down to 5

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If they had 5lb of gold bullion and we were out in the blue water where the body would not wash ashore?

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I’ve thought about killing the grandfather of my former best friend. She and I don’t even talk anymore, but he molested her, and her two younger sisters. He deserves to be killed, and left to rot…

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To protect the life of myself, my family/friends, or an innocent.

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to eat it.

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That made my night. :)

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To protect almost anyone, with circumstances how they are. For revenge against a couple truly cruel individuals, if I thought I would get away with it.

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To protect my family or myself. Never for property.

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@Russel_D_SpacePoet what about close friends?

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well…I just hope that I never know the answer to this one.

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Well, I shot a man in Reno just to see him die.


Only if that other person was trying to kill me, or one of my dear loved ones. That’s the only reason I’d kill another human being.

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If the person was a zombie.

However, I’m more likely to come into a situation where I need to protect myself or another from being killed (technically, that may be from zombies as well – so it’s all good).

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@Schroedes13 The few close friends I have I include in my family. I would also take a life to protect a child who wasn’t my own. I hope I am never in any situation where I have to make that decision.

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Well, kind of a no brainer if my kids/wife or myself are in immediate mortal danger. You better believe you’re toast in that scenario.
Oh & if they criticise my new leather jacket…’re going down sugar!

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@ucme I’m snickering at your new leather jacket.

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@Plucky You’re dead meat plucky fucky!!

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Euthanasia or defense of myself or a loved one. I could genuinely see myself doing it in either of those scenarios, but otherwise it would never happen. Life is too precious.

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I would kill in self defence and if my younger siblings are in mortal danger.

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I am too much of a wimp to kill anyone, even in self-defense.
I’d put up a struggle, but it wouldn’t do much to deter anyone determined to do me in.
Life is not a TV show, and I know what shape I’m in.

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Self-defense or defense of another

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Euthanasia would be another reason for me.

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For doing something like this to an innocent child…

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Absolutely no reason at all. Unless they needed to be put out of there misery from another horrible event.

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If a family member or friend absolutely begged me to because they had a terminal or severe mental illness and they asked me out of compassion to help them . If they were a complete stranger and were in excruciating pain and begged me to help them end their life I would want to . I try to think what would Jesus do if someone begged him to help end their life and I know Jesus suffered excruciating physical and mental pain and did not commit suicide . If Jesus felt compassion and mercy for them ,maybe he would help them end their life even though he did not end his own?

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