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If you snapped what type of killer would you be, a mass murderer, or a serial killer?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) July 13th, 2011

If one day you flipped and went off the reservation and wanted to harm your fellow man, how would you do it? Would you see yourself as being a mass murderer, taking out many if not hundreds in a grand action like a bomb, downing a bridge chalk deep with commuters, trapping them in an old skyscraper and roasting them by setting fire to it? Would you see yourself like the Zodiac, picking off a few here and there but stretching it out over time, even years, becoming like an urban legend boogey man?

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Let’s just say, hypothetically I do snap one day, I’m not capable of murder. Bat-shit nuts or not.

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It’s easier to cover up with a bomb because it takes a long time to figure out who was the target .

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If I snap, I could become a suicidal self-killer, with just one victim, me. No intents to take others with me, though. Cannot envision any other route.

Sorry, I tried. I would sooner become evangelical than a mass or serial murderer.

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If I snapped one day I wouldn’t be a killer. I would be walking around town, at a rather rapid pace, babbling, nodding my head and perpetually trying to clean out my right ear with my index finger. That’s what would happen if I snapped.

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I’d go postal. (or which ever profession is, at the moment, producing button-down, Oxford-cloth psychos that might just snap, and then stalk from office to office with an Armalite AR-10 carbine gas-powered semi-automatic weapon, pumping round after round into colleagues and co-workers.)

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I have an obsession with Serial Killers… I wrote a paper on Jack The Ripper for school this year…
I own The Encyclopedia Of Serial Killers.
I can tell you ALL about Robert Hansen. (A Serial Killer in Alaska)
I’ve gone to Nancy Lake, just because that’s where he took his victims.
I was overly excited last month when I found out there was a serial killer in a town near mine.
I’d be a Serial Killer, all the way baby!

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Aw shucks, do I have to choose?

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I’d massacre folks at breakfast time, you know…..a cereal killer!

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If I went homicidal, everyone would know about it. I wouldn’t want to be all hush-hush about it. I would be more Joker than Jack the Ripper.

I mean, if I was going to kill a large number of people I would want there to be a message or something.

I would much rather have fifty cats. Crazy old lady would suit me just fine. Much better than mass murderer or serial killer.

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Serial killer. Silent but deadly.

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@ucme That’s the kind of killer I like. :-)

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Although I do think there many people that are incurable assholes and deserve to be taken down (mwaah), I don’t think I would have it in me. Now if you had asked a question about if I got in touch with my pervy side, I might be able to run with that one, lol.

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Chainsaw spree!!!!!

(I got the creeps just answering that!!!!) Can I take it back?????

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If I snap I’ll start seeing Russia from my window and kill whatever ant or fly or moose that goes near my yard with my sniper rifle. Wachow!

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I wouldn’t.

You’d probably find me in a institution somewhere, drooling, and picking imaginary shit off of the wall.

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Neither. I’ve got a couple of people that need to be taken care of, so I’d probably go straight to them.

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A serial killer. I’m quite obsessed with serial killers.

Also, I’m the type of person who wouldn’t break down in a situation where I had killed someone. I’d be very quiet about the situation.

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If I was to snap, I bet I’d bludgeon a customer to death with one of those heavy-duty pegs we use to hang pants and sweatshirts up. I feel like I would be stocking something or helping another customer and then a very rude customer would come up to me and be a huge asshole in some way and I’d just take the peg and hit ‘em in the head until they stopped moving. Then I’d go back to what I was doing with a smile and continue to do so until the cops arrived to take me away.

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(Hypothetically speaking) if I were to snap, and I decided that I need to kill, I’d probably go after people who have harmed others and do to them what they have done to their victims. But I think if I were to snap, I’d just go crazy. I’d stop wearing clothes and just run up to people, scream at them, and then run away to someone else lol!

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Serial killer. Start with a few CEO’s, and then move on to politicians.
hold up, that’s not a serial killer, that’s a revolutionary

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@GladysMensch Sounds like vigilante-ism to me ;)

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A serial killer.
In games, I like to sneak around and stalk my target and kill it swiftly and silently.

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@SpatzieLover & @GladysMensch Now you two are on a list. Congrats and welcome to the club.

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Guns a Blazin!
Everybody’s gotta die!!!

That’s why I won’t own a gun.
No one would be safe!!!

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@Porifera That is OK, I am very good at hiding and I have friends with acreage, no one would even know I was there. LOL LOL

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Indiscriminate killer. Like, screwing deck screws coated in my own feces through a piece of ply wood and leaving the instrument where I know my target will step on it… like pungi sticks. The idea just came to me…right now….just sitting around…thinking about shit, and other stuff.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Actually you are in my good books, but your friends’ land will surely come in handy when I finally snap :)

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Most likely, mass murderer, on a global scale. Probably unbiased terrorism.

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I figure, with whatever half ass attempts I’ve had of self analyzing myself, that I would be a mass murderer. However, in all the times that I’ve seriously considered what kinda freak I’d turn into if the glass overflowed, I imagine that I would do what I would to seek release from this mortal coil, like someone might in a public massacre.
But please don’t think I’m saying that this is some potential thing I might actually do.
Stuff like that is not shit to take lightly or scoff at, and that’s not what I’m doing. Most of my scenarios inevitably revolve around movies and fiction, and I do have quite a clear grasp of fiction and reality. I wouldn’t do this for real, even if I didn’t care about hurting or killing other people. I’m also probably not as depressed or angry as I think I am.
If my glass did overflow, I’d probably just kill myself.

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You do realize agents from Homeland Security Nazis are downloading this page under the Patriot Act

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Look Mommy its an airplane up in the sky. No little one ,they’re black helicopters

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oh? those were helicopters? I thought those were eagles, I mean ducks, and it is open season and all… and this is totally not an automatic weapon, I can just pull the trigger that fast on semi auto

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@King_Pariah or you can “bump fire” it and turn it into full auto. Either way it’s going to get their attention.

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That’s an easy one….

Wheaties, Oatmeal, Sugar Frosted Flakes would all die…..

I’d be a cereal killer!

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