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What is your favorite winter clothing?

Asked by Elaine0 (39points) July 13th, 2011

What is your favorite winter clothing?

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Whatever keeps me warm & dry, at a reasonable price…… I don’t chase labels. Still it has to look good, at least to me :-)

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I like lovely, warm wool coats and boots.

I live in Queensland though… don’t often get an opportunity to wear such things.

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My boots. They are soft, cushy, warm,roomy and yet feel snug all at the same time. I feel like I’m walking in comfortable slippers made for ice, snow and cold rain or just the cold. They are my most comfortable shoe for driving as well.
My feet are in heaven during the cold months in my boots. Can’t say the same when my feet our out of my boots in the winter. Then they are always cold and I may even get a few feet cramps.

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Vintage coats, why do you ask?

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My favorite winter clothing is the coat in the first place because whatever you are wearing under it you will feel warm. Boots are important but not my favorites,important because they say that if your feet are cold you won’t feel warm and you can’t sleep.

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They are jaunty

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Scarves are lovely @cprevite. And some people just have a knack of wearing them really well. I don’t. I do like the way they look though.

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Sweaters, cashmere!

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Fleece ! How civilization got along without nice polyester fleeces is beyond me.
Nice fluffy socks, nice long undies, nice fluffy sweaters/jackets.
If you’re allergic to wool, fleece is a Godsend !

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Cotton turtle necks and polar fleece jackets or pullovers.

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Scarves. I like a warm neck and ears.

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Boots, boots, magical boots.

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Combat boots and fashionable jackets.

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My favorite outfit is this beaded tank top, under a long flowy sweater, with super tight tights, and my slouchy thigh high suede boots

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Omg someone flag this guy already. I would but i’m mobile.

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@redfeather I did, three times so far.

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@erichw1504 rawwwwwrrrrr

Thank you. For the flagging.

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My peacoat. It keeps me warm, and looks stylish.

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SmartWool socks. A good pair of wool socks makes everything else better.

Cashmere, cashmere, cashmere.

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My boots and my warm cashmere scarf. (sighs)...

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Talking about Winter clothing during this 100 degree heat is kind of odd.

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Cotton mock necks, stretch slacks and my black mid-thigh microfiber lined jacket. If I ever see another one I’m buying it ! I’m sort of ashamed to admit I wear this same outfit 99% of the time I’m out. With Born shoes .

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My knee length wool coat. It’s classy and functional. Add to that some good boots with wool socks, and my wool Army watch cap, and I’m toasty.

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I don’t like winter. Where I live, you can hardly tell the difference between the seasons, and that’s the way I like it. On those rare days that the temperature falls below my comfort zone, I simply put on a nice, warm, flannel ahirt and my fleece lined slippers.

I like my long sleeve, flannel night gown.

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Sounds VERY cozy, YL. So no roaring fire in the fireplace, then.

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@Aster No. When we first moved here, we had a pool heater, and spent New Year’s Eve in our pool, but it’s not working right now. I wish we could afford to get it fixed.

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“Yak Tracks”. They let me jog safely in icy roads.

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My favorite rest-of-the-year clothing.
Don’t get much of a winter here in California. :(

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My birthday suit.

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@Nimis When I lived in LA, sometimes super-cold air swept in from the direction of arctic places like Nevada and Oregon, the temperature could plummet to 45F and some people would break out their down ski jackets.

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