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Is there a software program that will let me use my camcorder as a motion detector?

Asked by yoyoo29 (71points) July 14th, 2011

I’d like my camcorder to automatically record when it detects motion. Is there a software program that will let me do this? A free program would be preferable.

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I know there are options for webcams like webcamspy, but I have never been able to locate an option for using a camcorder hooked up to a PC, whether by USB streaming or firewire/DV.

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Think the “button to start” the camcorder is where you have to start which means you may not be able get it to work.
The webcam in always “On” so a program could act as a “recognize the motion”.

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You would need something to sense the motion first. You couldn’t just do it with software. Here’s how motion sensors work

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My laptop came with a program called “lifeframe” and it has a setting that will activate my webcam to snap photos whenever there is motion. HOWEVER it is not a “hidden” camera as there is a little light that shines when the camera is active making it quite obvious to anyone who knows anything about PCs or Cameras

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@abysmalbeauty Wow, I ‘m wrong again. That’s happening a lot to me lately. I didn’t realize laptop web cams sensed motion. I’ll have to see if mine does that. I don’t really need my laptop web cam to be a motion sensing cameral but it would be cool if it was.

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:D you can be a secret agent

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@abysmalbeauty Well, I can’t be secret agent, now can I? Shush!

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