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Cool stuff to do with my niece, a new immigrant?

Asked by artificialard (2273points) April 29th, 2008

So I have a niece who grew up in Hong Kong but is coming to Toronto, Canada (where I live) and staying with relatives to finish high school and university. She’s 16-ish (I’m mid-20s), the horrible age of anti-everything and I want to do cool big-cousin stuff with her.

I know she’s been into fashion and athletics (track and field) in middle school but that’s all I know. What is some cool young-ish stuff that the ‘adults’ wouldn’t necessarily think that we both wouldn’t hate doing? General or Toronto-specific ideas both appreciated.

i.e. She likes that weird boy from High School Musical but I’d rather swallow his DVD than bring her to one of his appearances.

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Shows, and lots of them. Take her to shows, find out what kind of music she likes and tell her you’ll take her to shows at a local venue. That’ll make you a really cool big cousin in my opinion.

But you’re on the right track with music.

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Take her to NYC. Take in the sites AND the shows.

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Take a “Real World” tour of downtown Detroit.


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NIAGRA FALLS!!! j/k. mos def. nyc.

btw….“swallow is DVD”???

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Thanks for the first few answers but when I wrote “general or specific…” I meant that specific Toronto-destinations are especially welcome but general ideas like “take her to a concert” are also good.

She’s not even been in Toronto yet, I’m not going to take her to another city! Besides Toronto is cool… yo.

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Dundas Square.. People watch and have a nice lunch. Take her shopping if you can. Really, just taking her out to see the town is going to awesome enough.

Spend a day dorking around and you will have a better idea of what to do in the future. It will be a good way to gauge her interest.

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Just take to her a bar, sneek her in somewhere that she wouldn’t normally be able to go because of age. Of course watch her back and do go overboard, but a little indulgement and a taste of adult-hood should be fun

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* don’t go overboard *

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Take her to hear a band at a family friendly pub. Get fake tattoes to make her parents flip. Learn something new together. Skateboarding, cooking classes. . .

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