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I want to get my friend back for pranks he has pulled on me, without anyone getting hurt, or property damaged. Anyone got any good ideas?

Asked by BadMotherFluther (186points) April 29th, 2008 from iPhone

My friend is always trying to wind me up. I think now is payback time.

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Rickroll him!!!

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Bulb and pw’s suggestion will probably be better…

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Put some hard candy in his shower head! He’ll get out of the shower feeling sticky, and if he tries to wash it off, more sticky! The candy will dissolve after a week or two!

You could also fill his toothpaste tube with hot sauce, and mix it in with the paste by working it up and down!

One more, you can put some chicken skin or anything that will rot under the insoles of his shoes!

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Not that I’m suggesting this, but I have a friend who had this pulled on him for being so obnoxious. The prank was well thought out and took place on a day they all had planned to go snowboarding. On the way up to the mountain Luis and his friends stopped to get food at a diner. When Luis, the friend, went to use the restroom the others produced some crushed up viagra, according to Luis it was at least two doses worth, and proceeded to put t it in his soft drink. Luis was only 22.
Apparently he was unable to snowboard all day and had to awkwardly wait in the ski lodge. He told me he did all he could as often as could to make it go away, but nothing worked.

Doesn’t ‘Nair’ make a new shampoo? It’s supposed to do wonders for one’s scalp.

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Post an ad on CraigsList in his name soliciting raunchy innapropriate sex.

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This is illegal.
Go to the post office, put in a change-of-address card and have all their
mail sent to somewhere far away; if serious, somewhere where the alphabet is not the same as ours: Saudi Arabia, China, Thailand, or Russia.

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This is gross, but put saran wrap over the top of all his toilets. I think you can figure out what happens because of this.

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i got a few,

if your friend is a guy and uses a dry rub deodorant then you can take the top part off with a knife and then cut a bunch of cream cheese off and then put it on top and then skillfully craft it into what appears to be his used deodorant stick. if its not obvious, when he uses it, he’ll get some cheese pit action.

if you empty his can of spray deodorant, then you can get some spray paint and then the inner tube of a pen or mechanical pencil. you take off the useful spray nozzles of both and then wedge the tube on the empty deodorant can and then put the paint above it and press down HARD, so each nozzle depresses. the paint will go into his deodorant can and then he’ll paint himself.

you can also buy clear jello mix and then put it in the bog of his toilet. that way it gives him something to clean out when he finally realizes that nothings going to go down.

If you have some, you can put some sodium iodide in the bog of his toilet and some hydrogen peroxide in the top, so when he flushes, he’ll make a whole bunch of elephant toothpaste. remember dont be stingy with what you got!

if you take the little hose in the top of his toilet, and then pull it out of its regular spot and then put it facing the direction of the person “doing their business” with the lid on top of the open end of the hose with hopes he doesn’t see it. when he flushes, water will get all over him.

you can get some lycopodium powder and sprinkle some on a light of his, when he turns his light on, it’ll explode(you might want to find a light with no coverings)

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Put cling wrap around his car. It won’t hurt the car at all and he won’t be able to get into it.

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One time me and two buddies went snowboarding and on the way we stopped at gas station and we payed this bum to pretend to rob us and scared my buddy who wasn’t in on the prank. The only downside is we did it on the way up and on the way back the car smelled like a spoiled banana so make sure and do it on the way back or bring lysol.

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Fill his air conditioning vents with confetti. Turn the dials on full blast and wait until he turns on the car…

kevbo's avatar has some good prank videos. The best by far was of a guy pouring a bowl of cereal and freaking out when a dead bird fell out of the box and into his bowl.

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Well summer is approaching. Here’s what you do.

Your friend has a car. He rolls down a window a wee bit so it doesn’t get to hot for him. Maybe an inch.

You, upon seeing this, get inspired. You collect some disgusting liquid (vomit? shit? both?). Then you spread a nice thin coat over a cookie sheet, preferably one with edges. Then you freeze it to a hard layer of gross.

When he leaves that window open a crack, go ahead and slide that frozen nastiness into his car. The stench of vomit, having roasted in the sun for an hour while he did some shopping, will never ever leave him.

This is probably a little too much…

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when did shit become a liquid?

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Your friend’s did when you poured a container of Visine into his drink.

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Put food coloring tablets into all of his taps at home, including the back of the toilet.
Make it red and before he sees it watch some stupid ass scary film together.

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Whoa, remind me to never get on the bad side of some of you guys !! I’d suggest the old tried-n-true tricks of TPing his house (he’ll figure neighbor kids did it) or turning down the temp on his water heater (you can turn it back up after a day or two). Harmless but annoying…and repeatable!

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@peedub Visine works! Don’t ask me how I know, but trust me it does.

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Visine can be fatal so unless you are looking for lifetime room and board, to think about your silly revenge, don’t do it.

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