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USA Flutherites: How would you feel if the United States of America disappeared and your state turned into your new country?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7976points) July 14th, 2011


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I would be happy. My politics match up well with my state. I think Oregon, Washington, and Northern California would be a fantastic country. As long as we get Sacramento and SF. Idaho can have Spokane.

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My state, Texas, might honestly be better off given how out of touch the gov. are with real people.

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@Russell_D_SpacePoet : I feel like Rick Perry would declare himself King if Texas became its own country.

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I will by Texas a plane ticket if you want to bail.

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My country would be very small. Probably just the five boroughs and parts of Long Island, Westchester County , New Jersey and the lower Hudson Valley, because the rest of NY State is not NYC. It’s as if they’re 180 degrees apart on many major issues.

Poor Woodstock. Poor Catskills. All ex-NYCers up there and they’d be stuck in whatever the Empire State would call itself.

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Bleh. I don’t really have a whole lot of state pride; I identify much more as an American than a Coloradan. I mean, I like it here, and will probably stay here, but we really made some bad choices in terms of the economy, and that’s been an issue since long before Sep. of ‘08. I’m also not a big fan of many of the larger laws, and there’s a big urban vs rural divide. On the other hand, we’d legalize pot within the first 30 minutes, so that’d probably help with any suckiness.

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We’d be fucked.

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I’d move somewhere else. If South Carolina became a state, I’d be fucked.

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@troubleinharlem Hate hate hate Rick Perry. To me he is just Bush squared.

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@johnpowell It would be “buy” a ticket. You are down on Texas? You can’t lump us all together John. I was just making an observation that the fed gov. is in debt up past their ears and the Texas economy is one of the best in the country. I wasn’t pitching secession.

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It would be fine with me.. California is the best state anyway :)

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@FutureMemory Maybe best state from location aspect. They way it has been run has left it with a debt that is abysmal.

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It used to be that way. No problem. I think I would like it more.

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Massachusetts has been at the forefront of many things that I value, so I would be ok with it.

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I’m not sure which state (Illinois or NY) I’d be a part of…

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Well, that would be a huge crap in my coffee.

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I think The USA would become more like Europe. I suppose the national income tax would go away which would be a good thing. But you’d have to pass through customs to travel from one state to another, much like Europe.

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There’s some cities that need to be countries.

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