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Why are all the bees dying?

Asked by MisterBlueSky85 (892points) April 29th, 2008

I heard the bees are dying off everyone ‘cross the nation, but I haven’t heard a single theory as to why. Tonight my girlfriend suggested cell phone signals. Any other thoughts?

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remember when there was the Killer bee scare? The only way to kill them was to breed them out yet in the process they have eliminate a lot of our honey bees! Now this is what I was told. Truth? I could be mistaken

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Try Googling it or killer bees

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I thought this was the storyline to a film…!?

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George Bush hates bees.

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Okay, I was incorrect, what they are trying to do is breed the Africanized honey bee or killer bee Queen with our
Honey bees so that they will be less agressive.

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I don’t think there isnk an answer to this question yet. And how ‘bout them bats. Not a good time to be a flying creature.

I like the cell phone theory. Maybe they skipped town to get better jobs, call there family back home and send honey. When they can.

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How about a serious answer. I recently found out that pesticides are now being genetically put into vegetable seeds. When I heard this I decided that organic seeds for my garden would be best. I’m pretty sure that this is why so many bees are dying. The vegetables are booby trapped, and just maybe killing off the very insect that it needs.

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@ cooksalot. There is no answer yet. Bees don’t eat vegetables.

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No but they do pollenize the vegetable plants. I didn’t say they ate the vegetables. We all know that bees collect pollen right??? I come from a family of bee keepers. I may be one of the most removed from that line of work but I do know that much. They collect the pollen and take it back to the hive. Then the pesticide is introduced to the hive and all the other bees.

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thank god, i hate bees!

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@ cooksalot. I see your point, but the bees don’t seem to be dying, just leaving. Pesticides generally kill insects.

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My daughter was stung 27 times in the head when she was four years old. Living on the outside of Bakersfield, we were surrounded by Bee hives & Bees. But I digress, because she was stung so many time her little body was unable to handle all the toxins, she went into anaphylactic shock, she now carries an Epi-pen wherever she god. Still, she nor I hate bees! We NEED BEES!! If I want avocado’s, I need bees to pollenate my trees, my flowers

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Did you know if a hive is poisoned that the bees will never build in that spot again. So if the poison is in the hive they abandon their home. To top it off a lot of the time it’s not enough to kill the whole hive off just enough to mess with the their little inner compasses, and senses that make them do what they do so well.

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I sure can believe it. I just know they do it all the time and we just don’t know it. You should put this in as it’s own question.

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I’m sorry but I still hate bees, its nothing personal, I just hate anything with wings, birds are evil in my opinion

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