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Any golf experts willing to coach me on Fluther?

Asked by josie (27657points) July 16th, 2011

Watching the British Open inspired me to ask this.
I am an average golfer. I don’t get to play much. But I’m a pretty good athlete, and I think I can improve by a several strokes if I can beat a bad and tough to break (for me) habit.
Right handed. I’m pretty tall 6’5” . I have a tendency to throw my left hip out instead of transferring weight from right to left foot in tempo with my downswing. When I do this, of course, I cut the ball and slice like murder.

I understand that there is nothing better than practicing at the range and playing. I get out as often as I can afford the time and money.

I need a drill I can do, in addition to going to the range. I am looking for a repetive drill that I can do over and over in the yard or the office or anywhere.
Any suggestions?

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As a teenager, my uncle taught be a technique which has never let me down. I don’t pay attention to pro golfers, nor pursue any lessons. This system has worked quite well for me, but perhaps it’s wrong. Others more into the sport have told me it is wrong, but gawk in amazement as I smash drives straight long and clean.

Basically, I separate my body into three parts, legs, torso, shoulders. The swing begins first in the leg twist, then torso twist, then shoulder twist, basically cocking my entire body before pulling the trigger. Then upon final swing, I let the spring uncoil in the same order, legs, torso, then shoulders/arms.

It’s easier for me to keep my posture correct if I separate these three portions of my body in my head. And it’s also easier to isolate a problem if one arises. I only have to work on one portion, rather than break down my entire swing.

But I’m probably not the guy to ask. I only play for fun.

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Take your club back low and slow.

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damn I wish this was social

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@lucillelucillelucille That’s good advice. And thanks for that.
Should I also slow the downstroke? It seems to only be problem with the bigger clubs

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@josie -No.
You can get some real power on the downstroke.Low and slow on the backswing and you can get a good arc.
Forget I told you this if we ever compete. LOL!

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Turn your left foot out to almost a 45 and rotate your right hand a bit over your left hand so you see at top 2 knuckles….the biggest thing for slicing is to loosen your grip. <<Mod…can we make sure @lucillelucillelucille can’t read this!!>>

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