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What are the top three places you want to go that you haven't been yet?

Asked by marinelife (62485points) April 30th, 2008

Mine are Malta, Turkey, and Fiji.

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Thailand, California, Canada

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Greece, Israel, and Chile.

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Grand Canyon, LA, Dubai

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Mars, Titan and Proxima

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Africa, Australia, Sulawesi

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Antarctica, Greece and Egypt. And with any luck, Antarctica will happen in August.

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Italy, Brazil, Siberia

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If I can only name 3, I’ll have to make them count, so….
Although if you asked what I’d like my next 3 destinations to be, I’d say:
San Francisco

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Seeing all these great responses makes me want to expand my list even more. Thanks everyone.

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1. Paris, France
2. New York, New York
3.Miami, Florida

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New Orleans, Barcelona, Hawaii

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not in order


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asia, france, hawaii

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Italy, Australia, Greece

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Italy and
Boston, Mass.

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There are many places, but the top three would probably be Dubai, Greece and Australia.

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Brazil, Antarctica, and Ireland.

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british columbia

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England, Cuba, and Heaven

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Colorado, Scotland And Ireland.

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In reverse order-
3. Barcelona
2. Rome
1. Mars

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1. 4th dimension
2. Center of the earth
3. Iceland

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Italy, Fuji, Alaska

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negril jamaica, grand cayman skatepark, amsterdam

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Alaska, Greece, and Australia.

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Shangra-la, Utopia, and Atlantis

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Barcelona, South America, interesting corners of the United States.

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@mcbealer: i suggest not to go to alaska…its not really nice up there

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@ missbabyboo ~ why so?

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cuz its not really as nice as it seems up there..
if u want to retire,
then ill suggest you to go there but other than that, no

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not in order India USA and Russia

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Despite what I stated above, it turns out my next destination will be Cliff of Moher

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@wildflower can I come too??

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Haha, sure! I’ll pick ya up from Shannon airport. Bring camera, hiking boots and practical clothes :)

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Ok! now where did I put my hiking boots?? (running to the closet)

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new zealand

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Greek Isles

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space, bottom of the ocean and the moon

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Maui, Paris, New York.

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Mediterranean islands

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