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Can you compare two bands?

Asked by Hibernate (9091points) July 17th, 2011

These bands can be so different and yet so alike.
Which do you like more? And why?

NOISIA and Pendulum.

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Back in high school, I wrote a comparison about REO Speedwagon and Styx.

Boy was I a dork.

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I don’t see how that can happen. It’s all objective. There is a comparison between early Led Zeppelin and their late music like “In Through the out Door”. They changed their sound and there may be some who rather listen to the old stuff and there will be those who appreciate the new as well as he old.
Two completely different bands will turn into a matter of preference of sounds unless one of the bands is crap with no talent at all.
Another look is if individual musicians play with different groups and they influence the band’s sound. For example can there be similarities between Black Sabbath, and Rainbow, common denominator Ronnie James Dio. Then it can be discussed which band they think sounded better when he was on pipes. or did they prefer Ozzy with Sabbath. For me, at least, they are both great, Ozzy seemed more wasted often but well, that’s just Ozzy.
Have I gone back in time too far?

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Whoa whoa whoa Noisia and Pendulum are totally different. First off, Pendulum is a “band”, whereas Noisia is 3 producers, and it shows in the music. Pendulum uses lots of cymbals as a bit of background noise and it shows in their music, and Noisia is a lot darker and bassier. Recently, Pendulum has gone a lot more emo/rock as well and Noisia has gone more dubstep/house, so even though both used to be purely drum and bass they aren’t really anymore.

Also, Split the Atom (Noisia’s album) is better than any of Pendulums.

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Fuckin dverhey gettin to this question before me >_<

They are not really similar at all imo as @dverhey said sure both do dnb at times but thats where the comparisons end. Pendulum is really a hit or miss band IMO some of there stuff is nice dnb other is just straight garbage, NOISA on the other hand is just full of win.

Besides I dont see Pendulum writing any kick ass songs about giant herbivore dinosaurs :P


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@uberbatman AWWW YEAHHH

I’m sure you would have found it anyway, but I actually sent the question to you.

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@dverhey ohhh i didnt even notice you sent it to me, I just saw it on the main page :P

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Thanks for the insight ^^

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