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What other private companies are out there like that create startups?

Asked by AlexLavidge (37points) April 30th, 2008

Idealab, founded by Bill Gross in 1996, has spun off a variety of companies since its inception in-house.

How would you classify this company? It’s not quite a business incubator since companies don’t apply for space in their facility. And it’s not quite a startup investment firm like since they only invest in their own ventures based on their own “internally-generated ideas.”

My main question is, where are there other companies / organizations like it? Specifically, a firm that internally 1) conducts its own market research, 2) funds its own startups, 3) builds its own teams that implement the creation of the company, and 4) follows an exit-strategy approach towards creating businesses?

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Check out Y Combinator

I’m not sure that it fills all of the prerequisites that you listed off there, but they are a market research and venture capital firm that does seem to be heavily involved in the incubation process of new companies.

I would also check out TechCrunch. They don’t do any of what you were talking about but they do report about the people that do…

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Betaworks is another interesting company. They call themselves an “outcubator.”

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