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Do you associate any specific sounds with something unexpected or unusual?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26789points) July 18th, 2011

For example, locusts always make me think of sweltering hot weather… and the end of the world. Maybe not completely unexpected, but something about their sound makes the day feel so much hotter than it is. I assume this is because they always chirp (?) in the dead of summer, and I have made a mental connection of the two. The end of the world correlation is self-explanatory, but the sound really does make sense to me. It’s eerie.

YES, I am still on the subject of creepy crawlies.

Are there any sounds that you associate with something that others may not make the same connection? Do you know why that is, or is it just a random development?

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Shrill, insistent beeping. My quad set of Hardt Inferno 3000s will, upon running down the timer, losing heat, finishing the preheating cycle, finding themselves with the doors open, or just generally having a bad day, will take off chirping like a flock of crazed chickadees. So naturally, ever sort of similar beeping sound grabs and holds my attention until I’m certain that it’s not them.

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I like the sounds of peepers. Reminds me of summer.

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The Coyotes whoopin’ it up always has me running around the house and yard to make sure my cat is not the reason for the victory kill cry. lol

Same with my geese, they have very specific vocalizations and a short little chirping sound means ” something fearful this way comes”, like a dog or Coyote.

Their calls also alert me to company coming down the drive.

Not only are they great watch dogs but, they know and hear things waaay before I do.

The Sentry geese 2000 security system.

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When I hear the sound of a bellows expanding and contracting, I know that Milo is somewhere close, about to barf.

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Yes I do, the poignant cry yelled out when a young noob has his ego blown (pwned) on Black ops.
A pitiful whimper can be heard above the hushed tones of quiet content ;¬}

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I hate hearing my dentist say, “Uh oh.”

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@Coloma The sound of a pack of coyotes hunting, espeically at night, always takes me back to times before we were civilized. There’s something so wild and ancient in their voices it makes the hair on your neck stand up.

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Yes, I do love their wild thing-ness, as long as my cat is safe. :-)

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I have been having trouble with mice and chipmunks so if I hear a faint scratching or slight noise from the heat exchangers I start checking my traps and checking my intranet cables to make sure they weren’t eaten for lunch (again)!

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Last year the AC in my car started squealing, turns out a mouse had packed the vent with cat food and then, got itself caught in the fan and was chopped in half. My mechanic spent about 2 hours cleaning out the vents and removing the diced up mouse from the fan. Wonders never cease. :-/

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@Coloma I was on a business trip, last month and a mouse or chipmunk ate the one of the ignition wires so they had to tow my car to find and fix the problem.

My wife had a similar problem in her car. The screen to the air intake for the heater/air conditioner had a hole in it and a squirrel took up residence. Fortunately only the nest material got caught in the fan.

In the Philippines, a neighbors cat went to sleep on the engine. When he started the car up in the morning he heard a loud screech and thump. The cat went through the fan belt. My wife and her friend took the cat to the vet. It lived but was never quite right. I think it had hallucinations.

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@ucme I love it!

For me, it’s the sound of frogs. I grew up on a farm and with no AC in the summer, all the windows would be open during the night. I’ve always associated the sound of frogs with bedtime and sleep.

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I have tree frogs around here that croak at night too and one big Bullfrog that is really loud!
Frog sounds are a part of my bedtimes too. :-D

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@Coloma Ya, I love going to cottages so I can listen to frogs. It’s amazing!

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I’m with you guys on that, except it is toads for me. I love to listen to them chirp in the spring… they sound almost like birds. It’s so relaxing at night.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I guess toads are alright too. But only on Monday-Wednesdays!

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@Schroedes13 well, I don’t get frogs around my house… so I have to settle for nightly toads. :)

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The sound of my garage door closing makes noises that reminds me of my Akita that passed away after 13 wonderful years.
Everytime I come home and pull into the garage and hear the garage closing it reminds me of his sounds as I come in the door and him happy to greet me.
Funny how sounds help keep me connected to him even after he has been gone a year now.

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Same here with my old kitty that died a year ago in May.
Whenever I hear the sound of something walking on the gravel in my driveway it reminds of my cat and the sound his little feet made when he came running in after I got home.

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