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Arctic Monkeys fans: What's your favourite album by the foursome?

Asked by Paul (2714points) July 18th, 2011

Mine would have to be Humbug as it just has a great mix of songs, their début was also pretty great. I don’t know if there’s much love for them in America (where the majority of this fair site is from) but if you like them, what’s your favourite?

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Has to be the first one

Have you heard The Last Shadow Puppets album? My dad got me into them, although it was also him that nagged me to buy the first Arctic Monkeys album, sad when your 60 something dad is way cooler than you

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@RareDenver Yes, but I dislike The Rascals, yet somehow I love Miles Kane, strange.

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I agree with Humbug although Suck It And See is really starting to grow on me.

josh homme from queens of the stone age (my favorite band for some time now) produced humbug so i’m a bit biased.

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