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You just finished writing and recording your first album. What do you call it and what does the album art look like?

Asked by Randy (11214points) October 2nd, 2010

I think about this a lot and my ideas change daily so just for kicks, what would you name your album and what would your album art look like? Be as funny, serious or artistic as you’d like.

As of this moment, mine would probably be named something like “Burrito Supreme” and the album art would be a lama. Maybe something like this.

Your turn!

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It looks just like this.

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Oh yeah, I’ve thought of this.
Album name: Wings on fire.
Art: Me in all white in a long dress looking down with fire all around me.

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It would be called “A polar bear in a middle of a snow storm” and the cover is all white with the words “If you call this album ‘the white album’, I will. HUNT. YOU. DOWN” on the front.
And no track list on the back.

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Rabbi Jacob’s Last Meal

Art? Well what else? My old avatar. Yup.. That one!

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The title would be Kiss My

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The album would be called “Matinee at the Drive In”, and the cover art would be something like this

yes, I once had such dreams!

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Black Vomit.

The cover would have King Arthur on it or something.

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There’s my glam band Tape Hiss with their hit single (You’ve Got) Sum Kinda Disease. The cover art shows the lead singer wearing pink leather pants stroking a white tiger as two nearly naked women lick his pants. The tiger is eating a third nearly naked woman. Tragically, this was the last time the band recorded since the tiger went on a rampage during the shoot and mauled Talon Gadwell (the singer) so bad that he moved to a cabin in Nebraska and refuses to be seen.

Then there’s my hardcore girl punk band, The Menses. They’re, way, way underground and broke up before they recorded a proper album to start more commercially viable bands. But if you’re cool enough you might be able to snag a bootleg of their first demo with the hard to find songs “Hit Me, I’m a Woman”, “Leftover Lover” and “Cat Scratch”. If it’s a ‘proper’ bootleg it’s a got a crappy black and white image, but it’s been photocopied to oblivion so there’s no telling what it is.

You should probably just avoid L’ Enfant Terrible. They’re just a bunch of arrogant indie posers. They have a tendency wear scarves when it isn’t cold and take ironic publicity photos. Their album has a self consciously childish watercolor of a 17th century solder of ambiguous nationality pointing his bayonet at unseen foes. Some bats fly across the top for no apparent reason. Basically it’s a bad Marcel Dzama rip off.

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Good answers!

After a night on the river market and too many beers I’ve changed mine to Emergency Contact: 911 with some art as something like this.

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@Randy o noes. the hotlinking gods have you.

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I’ve written a few songs so I think my album title would be “Red Ghost” which is the title of my favourite of those songs. The album art would be a photograph of an angrogynous and pretty man, with long red hair, asleep on a bed with their hair spread out over the pillows (That’s from a lyric in the song). This guy would be perfect.

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