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@Lightlyseared That’s precise :P
Is there any speculation as to a date though?

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@Paul Its Apple, of course there’s speculation. Pick any date between now and christmas and google will provide a load of theories on why apple could only possibly release lion on that day.

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@Lightlyseared So just like the iPhone 5 release date then?
@aseymour Do you have or source or is that just a guess, you’re getting me worked up.

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I have been using it for a bit on the development computer and I wouldn’t be getting that excited about it if I was you. And when Apple says July they normally mean the the last day of July.

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I’ve been running it a bit as well.

IMO, it’s a huge step backward from 10.6. The interface is a mess, and their attempt to integrate some features of iOS is not very smooth.

Regardless of what I think of it, like @Lightlyseared said, July. But it could be any time between now and next year if Apple decides it’s not ready.

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Tomorrow… Along with new MacBook airs

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@dverhey Are you using a developer alpha preview or the latest Goldmaster release? I’m using the developer alpha and found it to be a huge memory hog (1GB after booting) and found many of the Apple apps to be unstable. I hope this changes with the official release.

To those saying tomorrow: Do you have a source or a link to a blog with the speculation?

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No, no link, I read it somewhere so its just more speculation. I keep checking the apple site and app store. I guess it will be available from 8am cupertino time or something like that if it is today.

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9to5mac says Wednesday… I didn’t mean to say tomorrow, as I thought yesterday was Tuesday, lol.

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@Vortico The developer alpha. It’s running pretty slow on mine as well,and I’m still not sold on the interface at all. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s received if it’s released in this state, I know the guys at gizmodo already bashed it but they were probably just trolling.

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@Lightlyseared Source? There is certainly an awful lot of speculation on this (it should probably be in Social).

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@Paul apple ‘s Q3 earnings call

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