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If you lose your cell phone and replace it, will you get a new number?

Asked by chicklit (215points) July 18th, 2011

How does this whole ordeal work out?

I haven’t lost my phone, I am merely wondering because I almost lost it.

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No, you cancel the service on the lost phone’s SIM card or serial number. When you get your new phone they reassign your phone number to the new phone.

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I believe @zenvelo is correct. I am with AT&T. My phone was stolen. All they had to do was deactivate my old sim card, activate a new one, and get me a new phone.
I believe it works that way even with other providers. They just have to deactivate your old phone. The prepaid plans may be different, though. Easy as pie, just costs money :-( I was actually lucky, because it was time for my upgrade.

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I’ve kept my number through… 10? phones. It was never any problem. Haven’t lost a phone, though, only ruined a couple.

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The phone companies hang on to your number for, I think, 90 days (at least 60) if for no other reason to make sure all charges against that number are cleared. You can request that number at any time during that time. If you lose your phone and replace it, say, within a week they’ll simply ask what your number is and program that into your phone.

I used to work in the wireless industry. I’d pick and choose numbers for people if I liked them. One guy I gave, as his last four digits, the year I was born. Needless to say, I remember HIS number to this day!

After we bought the shop, we went BROKE. One particularly bad winter the choice was between paying the home phone bill (and I’d had the number for 10 years at that point) and the shop phone bill. The shop won, of course. My home phone was disconnected for so long that I couldn’t get the number back when I had the money to pay the bill. My kids, although almost grown and gone, were DEVASTATED. “Mom…that’s OUR number. That’s the one you made us memorize when we were little by singing ‘2468! Who do we think is great! MOM! MOM!’ ....And you lost it?”
My grandson, who was about 10 at the time…“Gramma…that was the first phone number I ever learned….”
I went on a mission. Everytime I had reason to call a phone company (which was often!) I’d inquire as to whether that number was available. I knew, that if they had an inclination to, they could assign it IF it was available. Mostly, however, they were disinterested and bored, even after I told them the story. Then, one day, about six months later, I got ahold of a rep from SWB…..she went on a mission herself…and ten minutes later I had my old number back, after almost a year! It was a great day.

SWB ROCKS!!!!!!!!

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No, cause i have used the phone number almost 5 years.

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Your unique phone number is assigned to you, not your cellphone. It’s like auto insurance. You are covered and not the automobile you are driving. This way, you can drive anyone’s auto and you and the car are covered.

Sim cards, in cellphones, are like the modem in your pc at home. It’s the connector for any cellphone.

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Sigh. It’s important to read the details in the question @Preethiop, as well as the posts. The person was concerned about possibly losing their number, which they didn’t want to happen. Anybody can get a new number at anytime for any reason. The old number will remain available to them for up to 90 days. Pretty sure it doesn’t have as much to do with the SIM card as the ESN of the phone. You could lose your phone and your SIM card, but still get your old number programmed into a new phone.

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To sum all that I said up, I hadmy phone stolen and AT&T got me a new sim card and phone. My number stayed the same. I believe all phone companies do the same, even if your company does not use SIM cards. They make sure to keep you gratified in order to keep you service (monthly payments). Sorry if my previous statement was not clear.

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I hear you @Preethiop.
@kalrbing SIM card has nothing to do with it. The human paying the bill behind it does.

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