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How can I minimize/lessen my spider bites?

Asked by nocountry2 (3684points) April 30th, 2008 from iPhone

I got nailed all over my leg and arm last night… They hurt, itch, swell, and leave a weird bruise that lasts nearly two weeks… Bastard.

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Don’t scratch – that will minimize the healing time more than anything. You can take bendryl for the itching and the inflammatory response. Ice packs or cold compresses will help with the swelling, too.

If your reaction is severe enough, you made need to visit your doctor for antibiotics and steroids (similar to what you would get for severe poison ivy).

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That sounds good – I usually just slap some toothpaste on ‘em, but this time they’re pretty bad. :(

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@no: where are you that you get bitten by spiders? What kind of spiders?

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Our master bedroom is a converted attic, with attic space still on either walls. I don’t know what kind, I’m just assuming because they’re different from mosquito bites – various sizes, painful, more itchy, last longer and leave bruises…

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Well, here’s what flea bites look like.

You can Google spider bites as well.

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Just saw this thread.
If you notice that successive spider bites cause greater reactions (larger area of inflammation, larger swelling/bruising, longer to return to normal, or your reactions are swift) you could be susceptible to anaphylactic shock)
If so, you’ll want to buy an anahistamine pen/syringe to keep on hand.

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