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Have you ever played the dice game bunco (sometimes spelled bunko)?

Asked by jca (36046points) July 20th, 2011

I am invited to join a group this weekend to play bunko. Everyone that plays it says it’s lots of fun. I googled it and found out there is no skill involved, it’s a game of luck with dice.

The game is played at the homes of different people, who “host the party.” Each party has a theme, and the prizes are usually in line with the theme.

I read that it’s also a drinking game with young people (not that I’m not young, but I’m not in college, either).

Have you ever played this game?

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Yes, we have a standing monthly meeting of the ladies in my neighborhood. There’s not much to the actual game; it really is a hen party.

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No, I have not.

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I did a looooong time ago. As I recall it was quite fun. Personally, I think game nights with friends are highly under-rated.

My grandparents used to play sheepshead and they threw a big tournament twice a year. It was a blast!

Join & enjoy yourself…Let loose! =)

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No dice.

Cruiser's avatar is a blast especially with large groups!

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No, but I’ve known a handful of old ladies who have.

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@FluffyChicken what is old to you? It being a relative term and all

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It really is quite relative. I really wouldn’t consider late 40’s old but that was about the youngest of the individuals I knew. Also, I was a bit younger than I am now.

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Yes, I have (and I wasn’t old, either). It was a monthly occurrence in my old neighborhood for a while. It was actually a ton of fun, and we did drink quite a bit (even though we didn’t use it as a drinking game.)

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No but I love games. Id like to try it. Liar dice is another great game and requires psychology skills!

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Yes, I’ve played this game but it was for money instead of prizes or drinks. It was a lot of fun and a nice excuse to have a house filled with people to nosh with and mix a few cocktails.

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I am looking forward to it. I’m 45 and I expect I may be one of the younger ones. It’s going to be older women, I think. I don’t know them but I always hear the lady who’s the hostess talk about what fun it is, and how inventive she is with the themes and prizes. It requires no skill, it should not be a problem to play!

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Thank you for asking this question, and a thank you to those who have participated in it and shared your experience. I’ve heard a few women at work talk about it and secretly wondered if it was code for some other type of activity. :)

What is the minimum number of people required to play, and how many does it take to make it really fun (personality types set aside)? Is it a game where someone with failing eyesight can play, as long as they have assistance of others? The reason I ask is that Mom cannot really play bridge anymore because she struggles to see her hand. Could this be a substitute?

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@Pied_Pfeffer: I can’t answer all your questions as I’ve never played it. I did google it, however, and it seems many can play, there’s no skill, just luck, and the hostesses alternate so different women get to host, and each party revolves around a theme, like “Chinese” or whatever, so all the prizes, tableware, etc. are that theme. You pay a small amount like $10 but you can win the prizes, not sure if you win money, too. Plus the hostess has dinner and desserts. If you are interested I will post details in two days, after I play. Update Lady will update!

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When I was growing up, the Altar and Rosary Society of the local Catholic church used to have a monthly “Card and Bunko” night as a fund raiser.

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