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What product do you recommend to clean your computer screen?

Asked by Paul (2717points) July 20th, 2011

I just got a MacBook Pro and the screen is starting to get a bit dirty, what do you recommend to clean it with. If you’re going to name products, I live in the UK. Thanks.

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Windex glass cleaner sprayed on a towel first and then wipe the screen.

My MacBook Pro has the non glare screen, and it’s mated to a 27” LED Mac Monitor with glass screen. Same method for both. Just don’t spray the screen with the cleaner. Put it on the rag.

Oh… and make sure you turn your computer off before doing it. Wiping the keys with the same cleaner is fine, but if the system is on, you’ll end up creating keyboard commands that do odd things like blow your shit up.

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It’s like you read my mind… I was going to ask fb this exact questions earlier but got distracted.

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Update: Windex on a paper towel on my MacBook Pro worked amazingly. So pretty and clean.

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Another vote for Windex. That’s what I use.

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Windex isn’t a good idea. I use this stuff. It seems expensive but the same bottle has lasted for over 5 years.

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I used vinegar and water on a soft cloth. Then I put a plastic protector on the screen and now I use windex.

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I second @johnpowell‘s reccommendation. The stuff is great for TVs, too. It’s all we use on our screens. My husband’s a tech-geek and uses it at all of his clients, too

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Both you can easily find out the screen cleaners in computer local store and online shop, google it

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