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Anyone else have a hobby they love, but are actually not very good or downright bad at it? And you don't care?

Asked by keobooks (14276points) July 21st, 2011

I love board games—Eurogames, not the cheesy ones like Monopoly. I love them so much that I go to conventions to play as many as possible. Whenever I used to have extra money, I’d spend it on board games. I totally love them. I love them enough that I’m going to a convention for free this year because I agreed to be a speaker about how to get more kids playing board games in classrooms.

But I’m really bad at playing them. I am not a very good strategist. I never care if I win or lose—which is good because I almost always lose. I love the artwork of the games—I love how many of them have a story that draws you in. I love the social aspects of gaming. So I don’t mind being a terrible player.

Am I the only one content to have a hobby that they are admittedly not very skilled or talented in it, but have fun anyway? Or is it important to be really good at whatever you spend your time doing?

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I never care if I win or lose

That’s the key to fun, yo. :)

I love philosophy, but I don’t even know what that word means.

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Bowling and pool. I love them both, but have no skill what-so-ever in either.
And, of course I don’t care, the important part is the fun of it right?

Even if your friends are laughing at you, it’s all in good fun. Right? Right?

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Oh so The Bastard dun fiddle all that well, does he? :)

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@Symbeline and @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I’m willing to bet he is excellent, but humble.

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I love to write, and, I think I’m pretty good, but..until someone actually pays me for my work, that remains subjective, in my mind only and the few people that flatter me. lol

Otherwise no, I tend to like to do things that I have a natural ability and love for.

@Prosb reminds me of friends talking me into playing pool awhile back, I really SUCK, I could tear the felt right off the table with my jammed que. Zero skill, zero. :-(

I excel in extreme hot tubbing while drinking copious amounts of good wine and I’m pretty skilled in herding geese. lol

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Collecting souvenir cups. I keep forgetting to buy them when I travel.
Maintaining a rock garden, which is currently overgrown with weeds.

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@FluffyChicken and @Symbeline no I actually suck at fiddle. I’m wayyyyy better at guitar, but Guitar_Pickin’_Creole_Bastard just doesn’t have the same ring. Or does it?

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Hmm…will pickin’ sounds pretty good. :D But nah, your username is awesome as it is. :)

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Fiddle

Wait. You’ve been foisting yourself on us as some sort of fiddle player?

OK, people, raise your arms over your head.

No, not like that. Higher! Stretch! Higher!



I suck at guitar, but it’s not unpleasant to hear. Just boring.
I REALLY suck at singing, and it is unpleasant.
I have some talent at photography, but I rarely practice.

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Has anyone said sex yet?

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Are you telling us you’re bad in bed? lol

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And flirting.

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I don’t usually do things that I’m horrible at! It doesn’t make me feel good! Although this summer, I’ve played ping pong and young Chinese kids have dominated me. A truly humbling experience!

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Maybe you should change your name to Ping. haha
The Ping Pong kid, you need Ping Pong Karate lessons.

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@Schroedes13 Don’t even try rhythm dance games against the Mighty Asian, man. You’ll cry, and possibly kill yourself.

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@Symbeline excels in extreme slurpee slurping! :-D

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@jaytkay I lol’d hard.

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@Coloma, no Ping in Mandarin means bottle! lol

@Symbeline I’ve watched kids at the arcade already! I wouldn’t dare!

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Gardening. I have great intentions every year to eat my homegrown whatever, and my next door neighbour laughs with derision at my futile effort. (he is an expert gardener). But I still like to water those puny tomatoes or herbs anyway. And the one big tomato that arrives in August drives my kids to hysterics as I rapture over its succulence.

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The only to Mandarin words I know are Nin Hao and Xie Xie

Hello & Thank You

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I like to take photos but they all pretty much lack whatever they should have to qualify as a well thought out and composed work, and I’m too cheap to get a good camera which really wouldn’t help that much more.

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@dannyc I remember the summers my mother wanted to have a garden. It was her garden and yet, I had to do all the weeding!

@Coloma Ni hao!

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I love to paint and draw. I am really good at stick figures but have never quite been able to grasp that negative space concept! ;)

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I play one bad harmonica. XD

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Singing for sure. Except I do sort of care because I’d so enjoy singing in one of my college’s a capella groups, but I don’t think I’d ever pass the auditions. :(

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After being fed by others all of my life, I am just now learning to cook. While nowhere near the level of my sisters and SO, I actually enjoy it. While still incredibly nervous about it, the SO has been a good teacher and is willing to eat anything that makes it to the table.

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