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What are the different types/kinds of skateboards?

Asked by derekpaperscissors (626points) August 16th, 2009

Why are some boards short, some are long, some have different shapes or different wheels, etc. and what are they called?
What’s the difference between this and that? What’s it for?

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A longboard is just a longer version of a skateboard. While skateboards usually have rounded ends, and are about two feet long, longboards sometimes have a rounded front end, and a tapering point at the back. Longboards are around four feet long.
Skateboards are usually used for tricks, while the longboard is less suitable for tricks and is more of a crusing around the block kind. But, longhorns are better for riding, around the streets because they can go further with a peddaling than you can go with a regular skateboard.
As for the wheels, bigger ones can go over bumps and cracks easier then smaller wheels. Smaller wheels can spin faster though. But bigger wheels can’t turn as sharply without rubbing the deck unless you have risers for them.

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@Tink1113 I hate skateboarders (probably because where I live, they’re generally people who have too much time on their hands), but love your answer

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Longboards are shaped like a banana and they flex a lot when you ride them. The middle is bouncy. They normally have larger wheels. They are used for transportation and not for tricks.

A normal skateboard looks like this.. That is actually the one I was using until a few days ago. I normally use 95a (softness) 59mm (diameter) wheels. They are about medium sized and a little soft. I keep my trucks really tight so I don’t need to worry about the wheels hitting the deck.

A normal skateboard is going to be used for transportation and tricks. My knees are giving out so mine is mostly for transportation. But I will nollie up a curb if I see one. But on my skateboard I can get to the beer store in 2 minutes compared to walking ten minutes.

Most people that ride a normal skateboard loath people on longboards. I hate the damn things.

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@Saturated_Brain Thanks.
@johnpowell I ride a longboard too, and it’s easier. Well except you can’t carry it in your hands as well as a regular board.

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