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Why did the man bomb Norway?

Asked by chelle21689 (7706points) July 24th, 2011

All I know is that he was against Islamic ways but what did Norway do that upset him? Also, Norway is known as one of the most peaceful countries right?

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He is Norwegian, and he thinks the current immigration laws are too lax.

His “manifesto”, (which was apparently largely plagiarized from the Unibomber) was more generally about a Muslim invasion of Europe through immigration.

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His attorneys say that he will explain tomorrow. They say that he was trying to start a revolution.

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What Norway did, in his mind, was to permit immigration on a scale that was altering the character of the country. That isn’t unreasonable but to imagine that slaughtering his fellow countrymen was the best response shows very warped thinking. He may not be clinically mad but he can’t be far from it.

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Helter Skelter, man! It’s coming down fast!

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From what has emerged so far in police investigations og his writings, and his online activity and postings, he was a far-right wing radical who feared Muslim immigration into Europe would bring Sharia law and destroy the nature of Norway. He felt the Norwegian Government was far too lax on immigration and wanted to punish it and to terrorize Norwegians into toppling it and instituting a fascist, racilaly pure regeime in its place.

Some here on the Right are demonizing all Muslims and calling for their deportation, or for them to not be allowed to construct Mosques. They are fundraising on claims that Sharia law is about to sweep America. I know politicians often use such demagoguery to get themselves elected, or to raise money form those easily frightened, but they need to look at what happened in Norway. It wasn’t all that different from Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols bombing of the Muir Federal Building. Such inflammatory words have power and when they fall on receptive ears so lost in ideology that they can’t see how nonsensical they are, the results can be deadly.

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If you should had seen the relief on the faces of the BBC commentators when then likely perpetrator was not Islamic. Although I cannot condone his actions I feel that this man has a point.

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@basstrom188 A point worth going out and mowing down innocent children at summer camp? 98 dead and counting. That sentiment sound like part of the problem rather than the solution.

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Etpro-Of course not but it’s the effect those leftist, metropolitan, multi-cultural pricks who run much of the media including the BBC have on a less stable mind. When you see your culture (western) blamed for all the ills of the world its enough to make make my blood boil, but rest assured I won’t go out and murder anyone

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He bombed? I thought he shot all 70 people from the head

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One Norwegian poster put it well when she wrote… “It seems we have more to fear from the fear of multiculturism than multiculturism itself. ” Very true words. He will not be allowed a chance to speak and will be remanded in secluded custody for 4 weeks and then another 4 weeks of custody. He will be tried. The max. sentence in Norway for murder is 21 years, but they are looking at charging him with crimes against humanity and that carries a 30 year sentence. Still not long enough, if you ask me. This man is a poison and I hope he is isolated and never allowed to speak to another human being his entire life.

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@basstrom188 I can understand why Europeans and Norwegians specifically are concerned. Europe had no history of multiculturalism. They are now dealing with free immigration within the EU plus rapid immigration of foreign Muslim populations, such that the number of Muslims in the EU is expected to double in just 10 years. I think that’s an unsustainable rate of immigration. They need to slow things down and give the people who have already immigrated time to integrate into the new culture they find themselves in, as they used to do decades ago.

I don’t at all agree that liberals are pricks. Seems to me far right wingers act out more frequently. I don’t know the BBC medic personnel well enough to comment on your accusations, but I do know that the far right’s demonization of the “liberal mainstream media” here in America is a big lie. I wouldn’t be surprised to find tht’s the case in the UK as well.

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@QueenOfNowhere Yes, he had a bomb as well. It went off before he went to the youth camp and started firing. It was actually in Oslo if I remember correctly, near the building the Prime Minister is usually in.

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Don’t know if anyone wants an update from today’s news. The mental state assessment is in. He’s been deemed insane.

I don’t know how I feel about this, really.

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@cazzie I reacted the same way when I saw that announcement. While it’s probably true that the guy is a mental case, such a horrendous act leaves me craving cold, hard justice, and not a padded room.

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