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Would you go to a doctor about this?

Asked by Mariah (24428points) July 24th, 2011

A couple weeks ago I had a small lump in my right armpit (pea-sized). It hurt a little bit, and it’s gone now. But now I’ve got a very similar one in my left armpit.

I have extremely sensitive skin and a lot of skin allergies, and I’ve been known to get irritation in my armpits from shaving.

I know Fluther isn’t the place to get medical advice, but mainly I’m wondering if it’s reasonable to be worried about this. I have pretty extreme health paranoia so I don’t really trust my own judgement on these things. I know there are lymph nodes there which is my main concern. What I want to know is, would you, likely a much less hypochondriacal person than I, go to a doctor about this? We have insurance so money’s not an issue. I just don’t want to go if it’s nothing to worry about because I’m really trying to get over my health paranoia and my tendency to go to the ER or doctor at the drop of a hat. I know it’s always better safe than sorry but there is such a thing as being too safe if the paranoia interferes with your quality of life.


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Morning Mariah. I would give this a couple more days before seeing your doctor. If other irregularities present themselves, then go.

I currently have a skin rash on my right forearm. I have no clue how it got there or what it represents. I have used all types of topical medications and its still around. This does not worry me, because my dog has been in poison ivy and I believe he has passed it on to me.

You are the one that has to be sure with your body. Two more days. If something else developes, then make your appointment.

Other than this, I hope you are feeling okay today. jp

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I had similar small lumps in that area before and, as with you, they vanished in a day, or two.
I was told, when I asked my girlfriend and parents, that they can be swollen sweat glands.
Apparently nothing to worry about (of course you should not take my word on it, in case you do worry you visit a doctor).

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I think that @rebbel is right about the sweat gland. I don’t know where you live but it’s beastly hot where I am and my sweat is going overtime. Watch it and if it gets bigger or hurts, then talk to your doctor.

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Take some time and take notes on how it feel and how you feel, if it hurts if it increasing in size etc. If you consult a dermatologist he can explain things better but most doctors ask for money so better wait a few more days. [especially because you had one and it passed].

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I wouldn’t if it doesn’t grow in size and is perfectly round. Sounds like a small cyst. I might mention it on my next regular visit. But, don’t go by me, I am not likely to run to the doctor.

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What they said.

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Probably not especially as I have to pay cash for anything and the doc can order up a battery of tests and end up costing thousands of dollars with nothing conclusive to show for it. And so I accept living life on the edge, I guess.

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One thing to keep in mind about having insurance is that if you use it excessively (if you believe you’re a hypochondriac) they can raise your premiums or even drop you.

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I’d mention it the next time I saw my doctor for other reasons, but not make a special trip.

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I wouldn’t, no. But you should if you’re worried.

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I have pre-paid medical, so I go to my doctor for the slightest thing. For most things, I wait for several days to see if it goes away, but if it worries me, I would go right away.

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I’m thinking that maybe it’s a cyst. I had gone to the doctor earlier about a growth on my hip, and she just told me to put a hot compress on top of it to absorb whatever it was (infection, for example) inside of it. I’ve gotten these too, if I’m on the same page as you are. Me, being as much of a hypochondriac as you are didn’t go, put the hot compress on it for 2–3 nights and it was gone. If it doesn’t go by then (obviously hot compresses probably won’t irritate it further) then I’d see the doctor. Good luck! Happy fluthering!

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