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Did anyone see the episode of The Talk where they were joking about the woman that cut her husband's penis off?

Asked by Blackberry (33968points) July 24th, 2011

I was taken aback by the joy Susan Osbourne was taking in this discussion. Is this appropriate? This is specifically about the jokes and cavalier attitude. I know men have committed some heinous crimes against women, obviously.

Please note, I have looked for a video that hasn’t been tainted, but the videos I have are all modded by angry men calling the women on the show bad names. But if you would like me to post a video, I will.

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I saw it. I was also perturbed enough to shut it off that day.

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Oh, here we go. Scroll down.

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I think everyone must have seen it, even I have seen it after the shit storm it kicked up online. The main arguments all seem to be that it’s sexist and that people would not act like that if it was a female that was assaulted. Personally, I think it’s fine to laugh at, laugh at anything I say. What could be funnier than a dick chucked in the long grass, never to be seen again.

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@poisonedantidote It was actually thrown in the garbage disposal.

I don’t find any maiming of any human funny.

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Don’t get me wrong, no one should have their junk chopped off… but if it’s off, why not have a giggle at it.

Also, yes, I would also find it funny if it happened to me. Probably not right away, but eventually I would get a flashback of my crazy wife waving the thing at me, all filled with hate, and I would laugh out loud at the attempt to picture her mental state.

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@poisonedantidote I seriously doubt that, but you’re entitled to your opinion lol.

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I didn’t see that particular episode but as a woman I personally feel more men should be castrated for crimes against women. I don’t know what this man did, but if he raped a woman or child than, Yesss! Cut it off and hang it from his ear as far as I’m concerned. No,it may not be funny but IMHO it can be justified.The nerve, that a man thinks he has the audacity or right to violate anyone to that degree. Remember Lorena Bobbitt, she was my hero.

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@Blackberry It could take 10 years, but once the hormone therapy has done it’s thing, and I’m now almost a woman, I would have a good cry, get over it, then laugh my ass off.

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@AmWiser I’ve never heard if he had abused her. Had he?

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@AmWiser So then it is also Ok to cut off a woman’s breasts in the same situation? Just making sure…..

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“Also, yes, I would also find it funny if it happened to me. Probably not right away, but eventually I would get a flashback of my crazy wife waving the thing at me, all filled with hate, and I would laugh out loud at the attempt to picture her mental state.”

I’m absofuckinglutely positive I wouldn’t laugh if it happened to me, but your quip sure made me LMFAO!

I don’t think you’d laugh right away either. Like me, you’d probably be more concerned with duct taping your unattached part to back to your stump, to stop the torrential blood loss. ;-)

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I think I heard on 1,000 Ways to Die about some jerk who lost his petey trying to have sex with a raccoon.

I’m not saying that the above program applied rigorous standards of fact checking to that one, but it could happen, and I’m sure that some of us would find that to be a rather humorous blow for animal rights. ;-)

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I love how everyone takes this deranged woman’s side automatically, like the poor dude must have done something to deserve having his living junk cut off and fed to a garbage disposal.

What was her ‘reason’? That he divorced her? Since when was that even a crime? Who would want to stay married to someone who is obviously a freaking sadistic lunatic anyway?

That clip is geoblocked so I can’t see these hilarious women being hilarious about his hilarious genital mutilation.

Because being ridiculed on national television is the best thing for you when you’re trying to recover from something like this.

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@chyna, I actually answered the question not knowing the situation of the OP’s reason for asking. I was stating my opinion for a man having his penis cut off.
@Blackberry, again I apologize for not knowing the situation. But what could a woman do so horrendous to have her breast cut off?
Okay, I off to do some research. On second thought, just tell me….I’m busy fluthering tonight.:p

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@AmWiser I don’t know the situation either. If you find out, come back here and report in.

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Yeah, any pain inflicted on the dick seems to have humorous undertones.
Strange really when it hurts like fucking hell!!
Maybe it’s origins lie in satanic cults….you know, feminist gatherings & such like ;¬}

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@AmWiser Karla Homolka is a Canadian serial killer who assisted her husband in raping and murdering 3 teenage girls, including Homolka’s own sister. There is actually significant evidence that it was Karla, not her husband, who actually killed the girls, and even if she didn’t, shes seen on videotape torturing and raping them. I guess her cunt should be mutilated for that, right?

Also, Sharon Osbourne is a rich talentless fuck who would be nowhere without her drugged out asshole husband.

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@syzygy2600 thanks for providing that information. I still have yet to look up the information and if your report is true, I think I’ll pass on it. Also, my answer stands as posted for some men, not necessarily the one in this story. I agree with the OP that it was not very nice to have this situation laughed at on national TV. Especially not after today’s The Talk show where Sharon O was so upset about the things being tweeted about Amy Winehouse’s death. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Double standards.

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I don’t know anything about this, but from what I gather it’s really tactless and not okay. I suppose it’s funny in a “wow that’s bizarre” way, but it’s not funny at all when you think that this happened to a person. I don’t think violence regardless of the nature or reason is entertaining in the least.

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