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I just adopted a cat from the street, what should I expect?

Asked by QueenOfNowhere (1871points) July 25th, 2011

Hey! So since my beautiful dog passed away, a cat keeps coming to the garden… Today my family decided we will keep it! My dad did all the medical stuff and she will be with us but outside for now since its summer. I’ve never had a cat in my life and it seems so strange…

I want to pet her but she is like so cool haha she wants her space? She just lays down and just looks away… She is almost 2 years old by the way. I’m just afraid to approach her..
She is a tabby cat… What can I do to make her like me?

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Just be patient and calm around her. Trying to chase after her or being too aggressive in attempting to earn her affection will be almost guaranteed have the opposite effect. If she has already seen a vet and been treated for fleas/parasites, tested for FIV/FeLV, and given a clean bill of health.. that’s the biggie. Having a healthy cat is definitely the first step to having a happy cat.
You should start to develop a small routine with the cat to earn her trust. If you haven’t already, you should purchase a package of kitty treats. Try shaking the container that it comes it (bag or a canister shouldn’t matter, they all rustle or rattle). If she isn’t comfortable taking a treat from you, or even close to you, start by setting them a bit away from you until you find a place that she is comfortable with. Of course, as days go by, slowly move the treat closer to you. When/if you ultimately get to the point where she is willing to take the treat from you, try petting her. Just go slow. Eventually you should earn her trust where the treats will be unnecessary (and just treats for special occasions).
It sounds as though she is already acclimated to being around people. She isn’t hiding, she isn’t hissing or crouched in a corner looking mortified. That’s a good sign. I would say that you just need to give her time.

Have you actually tried to pet her? If you are afraid and go jumping all around her, you will make her afraid, as well. If you’re calm and approach her she should be fine. Worst case scenario is that she will run away. Cats, in my experience, are not like dogs when it comes to threats. The cat is more likely to run away as fast as their legs will carry them before they will snap at you. I would just avoid picking her up.

Hope that was helpful, I know most post was a little bit all over the place.

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You should expect to take it to the vet.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I petted her! All of my family did actually… But she likes her space! Thanks for the tips, ill do them

@Simone_De_Beauvoir Of course I did!!! Hahaha..

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@QueenOfNowhere oh, well if she let you pet her then she already likes you. Haha. Just give her time, she may turn out to be a lap cat before you know it. You will be pushing her off of you . :)

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Give her treats. Get her used to petting, Talk to her softly. Play with her (get some cat toys).

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That animal is used to eating anything it finds. Be prepared to find it up on the counter getting into any food left there or the trash. It’s a survival trait that is hard to break them of. I know, we have 2 of them.

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@woodcutter excellent advice.
Start putting your bread in a cupboard.

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We lost a pan of enchiladas to a feral cat we lost sight of. So we named him Ese’

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@woodcutter Lol she is sleeping on me now… She caught a freakin lizard today it was gross… She ate it.. LOL

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Awww…well, my 2 yr. old female catches lizards every day, but she doesn’t eat them, she just brings them in the house to play with. lol

IF you plan on making her an indoor/outdoor cat, start bringing her in for a few minutes at a time. You might be surprised how quickly she will morph into princess kitty and like sleeping on your bed and maybe even, under the covers with you. haha

Yep, the key to a cats heart is food, comfort and love. Just like us, no big mystery there.

You may want to install a pet door for her before winter. Maybe into a garage or laundry area where you can set up a litter box. She’ll get the hang of the cat door in no time.

Congratulations on your first kitty! Cats are awesome! :-D

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Our latest one, “Butters” tried to drag a live young rabbit inside a while back. I was like “WHOA ,NO WANT !” He’s an inside/ outside cat and I can tell he stays under the house during the days when he has cobwebs clinging to his whiskers. He goes straight to the chow bowl when he comes in to visit.

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You should expect fleas

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Is she spayed yet? You really don’t want to add to the horrible overpopulation of way too many pets and not enough homes. For every kitten born, an adult shelter cat dies. Hate to sound so grim but it’s the honest truth.

Every locale has affordable spay/neuter options. You just need to do a little Googling around your area code.

Obviously she has decided to adopt you guys as “her people” so you shouldn’t have any trouble making friends with her. Enjoy.

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@Buttonstc She will be soon. Don’t worry, lol. You should just be happy that people like me exists.

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