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What's your favourite stereotypically haunted place?

Asked by Berserker (33454points) July 25th, 2011

I mean in entertainment, like movies, books, video games or music. But it can be something else too…documentaries, folklore, urban legends.

Here’s some examples; a haunted house, of course my horse. A haunted school, a haunted funfair, a haunted ship, train, an old medieval castle, a temple, a farm, an entire town…what’s your favourite?

(please don’t mention to me about how ghosts and shit don’t exist, I don’t believe in them myself and paranormal activity debates aren’t the purpose of this thread, thank you)

Mine is probably a haunted hospital, or at least, an abandoned or really deserted one. That always fascinates and freaks me out. The concept seems to have such an ’‘oomph’’ to it, but it always remains classy and mysterious, but not too mysterious that you can’t be highly disturbed.

So, what’s your favourite haunted thing?

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Oh haunted asylums. That’s enough to creep anyone out, if you ask me. I don’t even believe in that sort of thing, and I’m pretty sure that would get me. Boo.

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Sanitoriums like Waverly Hills Sanitorium are my fave.

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Castle Bran, near Brasov, Romania!

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I didn’t think we were supposed to be specific. I feel stupid now. haha.

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Sarah: You’re going to say I shouldn’t be in the cemetery in the middle of the night, right?
Eric: Safest place in the world to be.
Sarah: That’s ‘cause everybody’s dead.

The Crow

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Haunted houses, but specifically houses built in the 50’s to the 90’s because it brings a kind of relevance and modernity to the hauntings that houses built in 1860 just lack.

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The Landon House in Urbana, Maryland. Being an old mansion, it has sort of an eery beauty.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Fuck yeah. Can’t go wrong with those, absolutely not. :) And I’m not asking for peeps to be specific, it’s all in good fun. :)

…or is it…’‘howls’’

@NightStalker Haha yeah, I remember that. Awesome. :)

@Schroedes13 Haha yeah. In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, that was his home castle, but in real life, the real Vlad only slept there for like one night, and that wasn’t his family’s grounds. Still, kick ass, someone who knows about Bran Castle. :)

@SavoirFaire Fuckin classic. :)

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Really? I always loved old ass houses that don’t have toilets lol. Nice one, still. :)

@Fly What’s its story?

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@Symbeline ya I had a tour through it. It was a very dark place!

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@Schroedes13 Holy bleeding ASS? You went in it? Oh god you gotta have pictures right?

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I’m a pretty big fan of old state hospitals although there is a cornfield I know of that is quite creepy that I found one night while four wheeling. I also really enjoy caves

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The place where I work is freaking, thoroughly, numerously and pervasively haunted.

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@Symbeline Here is a good summary. It’s a classic Civil War story.

Here is the actual site for the haunted house aspect of the Landon House. You get a general picture of what the place looks like, kind of a plantation-style mansion.

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@Symbeline No, I actually don’t have pictures. I went to Romania for the summer of 2001 to work in orphanages. For a few days, some of us took a trip to one of the main cities, Brasov, and toured around. We went to Castle Bran and it was so amazing, but very creepy.

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@JessicaRTBH What made it creepy?

@Fly Awesome, thank you. :)

@Schroedes13 jealousy

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@Symbeline this preference of mine is inspired by this particularly chilling ghost story.

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@ Symbeline – It was creepy for a number of reasons. I’d say mostly its location – it was a very oddly placed field kind of hidden down an old service road. It was in a fairly populated area surrounded by homes and not other fields. I’m not sure why that was so creepy to me besides that I live right up the street and never knew this massive corn field was there the entire time. Secondly, it was massive. The last thing I found disturbing was this rusted bench left in the middle of the field. It just looked abandoned in a way that seemed off to me. I’m a big baby though and when my gut tells me ‘creepy’ I just listen :)

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I love abandon places like houses, school, hospital, and all those things. One of the most hunted place I’ve been to, is my school. It’s soon 150 years old, that place sure know how to creep me out!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Aaaw…what a nice but sad story. Let’s hope that ghost, was it ever real, got some peace.
Also as if Bill sent his mom to sleep in the room. What a prick lol.

@JessicaRTBH Haha cool. Isn’t it fucked up when finally you notice something that’s been there forever? But yeah…that bench in there…I bet it tells a tale. :)

@GialloBubble I love abandoned places too. Used to sneak around in em always as a kid and a teen. I’ll prolly get arrested if I do that now though. XD
What creeped you out about the school?

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@Symbeline I know I will get arrested one day, I’m just waiting for it to happen. I go to a boarding school, and my dorm staff used to be students there. The kids today will tell the same story that happened in the past. The staff aren’t allowed to tell the kids anything, but kids end up having the same experience as them. And in some building their vibes in there gives me goosebumps!

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The place where I work—water will turn on by itself in the science lab and lights turn on and off by themselves. In my building people complain about seeing a shadow moving northward in the halls. I wasn’t too sure about it until a new teacher started, and complained about the same thing we all were experiencing, without our input. Almost every single photo the kids take of each other has an orb somewhere (someone said dust balls, but I’ve never seen so many “dust balls” in photos anywhere else). Visitors report hearing a piano being played in one of the other buildings, when there’s nobody playing pianos there.

All the admin pretty much won’t let us talk about it. They’re afraid we’ll run people off sounding batshitcrazy with our stories.

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I think a haunted Pub, with lots of spirits :-/

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Gaols. I have visited a few gaols for ghost tours. They are fascinating. They aren’t just about ghosts but also the history of the places.

One of the spookiest places I ever went to was the Quarantine Station in Sydney. That was the final place in one of those ghost hunter reality series and the final contestant freaked out when locked in this particular building and in the room I am going to discuss now. I am quite sure it must have been my imagination (although I am not sure how it was since I didn’t know the story when it happened) but when I visited the Quarantine Station and when I approached this particular building I had this really strong sense of people dancing. Turned out it was a dining room (very large) that was also used for dances when the station was inhabited. We were part of a guided tour and so we followed the guide into the building and the guide took us downstairs to this small room. I was standing at the back of the group listening and I suddenly felt like I couldn’t breath and swallowing was difficult. Not so much that I thought I was going to pass out, but enough to make me feel uncomfortable. I told my husband I wasn’t feeling too good but it was dark and I would have had to push passed people to leave so I stayed where I was. Then the guide told us the story of the little girl who had died at the station and about the clairvoyant who visited the site and while in that specific room said she had seen a little girl trying to choke the guide who was taking that tour group around.

I also love graveyards. I was summoning the grim reaper one Halloween in the middle of our largest and oldest cemetery. He didn’t show which I thought was rather bloody rude. Asylums and hospitals are very spooky places too.

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Haunted houses, haunted attics with lots of dust and old mirrors, graveyards, and every spooky place I can find. There are some scary things and places to see here, but I don’t know if they’re haunted. There’s a creepy forest near my house, and I don’t know if there are any ghosts there, but it’s a big forest, and it’s scary to go there at night. And there are many stories about that place. Stories about murders, etc.

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Ships, in movies like The Fog. There’s just something about being lost at sea with devlish bastards parading about the place that absolutely terrifies me.
Bit like being on a caribbean cruise with a passenger deck full of senior citizens…arrrrgh!!

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I’m also a fan of haunted ex asylums/hospitals.

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Abandoned jails/prisons or rundown cemetaries seem creepy and spooky to me.

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Abandoned orphanages, catacombs, urban tunnels, western ghost towns

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There is a supposed mass grave of orphans off of a bike trail near where I live – I don’t know how true that tale is but that trail was pretty scary. It’s called zombie road – I think they did some tv thing there and it’s supposed to be one of the nation’s most haunted places. However, I’m not sure how one measures or determines ‘most haunted’

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The Shining, both in book and movie format, is probably a favorite. It would be fun to go stay at The Stanley Hotel in Boulder, Colorado, upon which the book is based. Does anyone else want to meet up there?

When it comes to computer games, many years ago, I played a few. The favorite was Sanitarium on this site. Shivers, which is #7 and The 7th Guest listed at #9 weren’t bad either.

For a place I have actually visited, The Seelbach Hotel in downtown Louisville, Kentucky (US) was pretty awesome. The bellman, who has been there for ages and wrote a book about the hotel’s criminal and paranormal history, was a good read. I was lucky enough to catch the guy giving tours of the hotel, that included areas not open to the general public and some secret passageways. I never saw a ghost, but it was still a bit creepy.

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@Bellatrix I agree with you, I love the history in old buildings! Sometimes when I’m bored, I’ll look up at history of a place that I’m curious about and then I spend hours on the computer. :)

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@piedpfeffef I grew up near the Stanley (it’s in Estes Park, about an hour from Boulder) it’s a little disappointing if you’re hoping for a creepy vibe, since it’s been renovated and it isn’t as isolated as the film makes it appear. The population has grown a lot. You might like the Irma Hotel in Cody,WY. I think it has more of the Shining feel to it.

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A haunted bar with a banjo. XD

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I dig castles. I’d love to sit on a chair and pretend it’s my throne and that I’m King Of Ghosts and that until they revolt and decapitate my kingly head.

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the tower of london!

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Carnivals and hospitals.

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