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My Tom CK lost his sister today, should I get him another one or wait awhile?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26801points) July 26th, 2011

An ill-timed trip across the street in front of my house proved fatal to my littlest, Splotch. My neighbor has a litter, and they are actually CK’s siblings. Since he and Splotch were such pals I am wondering if he will miss her, at least as much we humans, anyhow. I don’t know if getting Ck another sibling will make him as happy as he seem to be, but I am thinking maybe I should try. There is not a chance of keeping it a house cat. They new litter will not be ready for another five weeks. At the moment I am all bumped in the head of the events and the death. I don’t know if at the moment I could embrace another kitten as well as Splotch, at the moment, the future maybe different. I hate CK being without a romp around pal. If it were you would you wait to see how well CK rebounds, or would you skip the opportunity because you might not fell as close to the replacement kitty? Would the fact that the mother is getting fixed when this litter is done and there will never be a chance to get him an actual relative make a difference?

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Sorry you lost a kitty today. Why not wait a few days to make a decision? Don’t do something out of reacting to the loss today.

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Very sorry about your kitty, that’s sad.

I think I would wait a few days. He may look for her, but it will wear off faster for him than it most likely will for you. I do think that some cats are happier with companions, and some cats prefer to be alone. From the looks of it your cat likes having a feline friend in the house. It makes no difference if they are related, but getting a kitten does make it easier for the new cat and the established cat to bond.

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Cat know when something has happened, I had to put the sister of my cat down because she had a blood clot and I wasn’t going to get another until I couldn’t take it any more. He at first mooped around the house and was going thru a sadness then that sadness was replaced by waking me up in the middle of the night and expecting me to play with him because that was when he played with his sister. I ended up giving in and getting another kitten for him, he hissed and growled the first day he saw her on Saturday but by Monday morning he was in love with his new baby and I could sleep again. You cat may be different if the kittens aren’t ready to be placed see how it goes with him but he may expect you to replace what he had with his sister.


@Hypocrisy_Central I’m really sorry to hear about that, as I lost my own kitty a couple of years ago and it hurt for a good while. Your kitty Splotch actually looked similar to my cat Nikki, but Nikki was strictly a house cat.

If I were in your position, I’d wait and see how CK reacts. If he appears depressed after a few weeks or so, I’d get another from the litter, but it may take some time for him to get used to the newcomer. He may even be a little aloof and hostile to the new kitten. But in time he should come around and accept him/her. I’d get another female as a new friend for CK, not a male.

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If it was me I would hold off for a while. There will always be time to find a new friend.

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I’m sorry for your sad moment. :-(

I’d wait a bit, you’re still coming to grips with the loss of Splotch.

IF you are ready in 5 weeks to try again, just remember, you can’t replace the lost one, they are all unique so you need to be prepared to not compare the two. A new one will bring his/her own special kitty stuff that will grow on you.

I put my 15 month old Marley down 6 weeks ago, and, I am not ready to bring in another one.

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I’m so sorry for your loss :( I agree with the others, wait at least a week before deciding on a new kitten.
(@coloma my sympathies for your loss as well)

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Oh, @Hypocrisy_Central , so sorry about Splotch! :-( What a cutie. I agree with the others about waiting just a bit until the first sharp sting of loss has abated slightly… Give CK some extra loving up in the meantime.

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That’s horrible and sad, I’m sorry for your loss and that you had to see it happen. I’d wait a bit until the frustration, hurt and anger leave you so you can feel clear and open to taking on a newbie.

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I love cats so much. The more the merrier.

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