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What is the first thing/things you noticed about your S/O that drove you nuts? (Details).

Asked by AmWiser (14927points) July 27th, 2011

Weather you’ve been together for 3-months or 50 years, what was something that your S/O did that drove you nuts when you first met?

Fast forward to the present, is your S/O still doing the same thing or what’s new that drives you nuts now?

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She’s a pig-headed arsehole.

She’s still doing it. Hold on – I’ll just go check… ... Yep. She’s at it right now.

Fortunately, I’m a pig-headed arsehole too (I’m begining to suspect we all are), and I love her regardless.

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She’s always had this habit of pursing her top lip when she’s concentrating, kind of twitches about the place. Makes her look like a seal sucking on a grape.

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She has a great ass. Still drives me nuts.

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Oh, baby.

She is messy. Her car has petrified fries in it, and it took her two days to find her garage door opener in there. I have seen a coffee cup or two with spoiled creamer on top (been in there for a week). In her fridge, there are “science experiments”.

She is neat about her appearance, though.

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I just asked my g/f this question and her response” NO. FUCKING. WAY. hahahaha!!!

I am guessing that it’s bad and she doesn’t want me to hurt her, lol.

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Okay, she caved: What drove me nuts was that you were late and changed/cancelled plans all the time in the beginning.

It’s true! I did. Not anymore, though. :)

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It drove me nuts that he’d basically empty his pockets out onto any old flat surface and never revisit the pile again. He still does this but it’s limited to his dresser top and something we’ve named “The Man Bowl”. The bowl runneth over unto the dresser top and over onto the floor around the dresser. When I need change the I walk around our room and take my pick. Once month I clean the dresser top, collect the change into piles and forget about it for awhile. It doesn’t drive me nuts anymore.

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My girlfriend, who I love to bits, has the amazing ability to make lighters and rolling papers disappear.
One second she lights her cigarette, she puts the lighter within arms reach, she wants to light another one ten minutes later and all her stuff is gone.
Ten times a day.
At least.
I must have bought a hundred lighters for her already.
No biggy.
Edit: Funny, i said no biggy.
Reminds me of last year when I bought her a lighter the size of a remote control on steroids…, also gone.

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My girlfriend has this AMAZING ability to make any food/liquid into a loud food/liquid. I swear she can make eating a piece of bread sound like shes munching on Doritos. And every liquid is slurped. I swear one day when im like 80 im going to finally snap and straggle her over a bowl of soup or something :P

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He had no common sense—very book smart, but forget about street smart.

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He wouldn’t brush his teeth! I mean yuck on the kisses! He does brush nightly now so it’s good!

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Thank you all. I got some great and well needed laughs.

@uberbatman I can relate on the drinking part. When hubby drinks his water and I swear the slurping drives me up a wall. I know I’m going to snap long before I’m 80. :D

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When our relationship was online, sometimes I’d be frustrated that he wasn’t into being very sexually explicit. He’s much better now.

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I’m an English major and he can’t spell to save his life.
but I still love him… most days. ;)

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I’m not sure if this is about what “drives me nuts” in a good way or in a bad way so I will answer for both.

In a good way, the first thing that drove me nuts was his wonderful smell and yes, it still does.

In a bad way, his idea of time is shocking, always has been. When he tells me he will be 5 minutes it usually means he will be at least an hour!

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