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Any recommendations for a utility that lets you view all your installed fonts in a Windows system?

Asked by ETpro (34605points) July 27th, 2011

How can I easily shop through nearly 3,500 installed fonts in Windows and find what’s already installed on my system? Any recommendations on utilities that make this relatively painless to do?

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If you type “Fonts” in the search bar for the start menu, an icon for fonts will come up. I think that’s what your asking, correct?

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@blueberry_kidThanks, but no. What I want a view that shows a small snippet of sample text rendered in each of the installed fonts.

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Had the same problem and asked – Is there a good font organizer?

A couple good suggestions there.

I also tried a few from this list, none stood out as outstanding but honestly I always think of this when I’m trying to get a project done and don’t take the proper amount of time with them. Just hoping something will click.

25 Font Management Tools Reviewed

My favorite no-frills, quick and easy solution is Font Picker. Basically is just grabs the fonts you have installed and shows whatever text you want in one big list. I’m usually searching for something with the right “feel” for either headlines or logos so this fits my needs quickly. I can narrow it down to 10–20 favorites and then compare those side by side.

Would love to find something more complete that just works but haven’t come across it yet.

If you find a good one, would you mind dropping a note here?

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@funkdaddy Actually, this was for a new logo so Font Picker showing exact text would be perfect for the task. Thanks.

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