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When exactly does weight loss become dangerous?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21611points) July 28th, 2011

So, I am about 50% of the way to being the normal weight for my size. (depending on what system you use)

I still have a couple of pockets of fat that I need to get rid of, but they will soon go. Once they do, I plan to continue the fat loss while building more muscle.

My idea is to have very little bodyfat so that I’m almost scary to look at. I have heard of some bodybuilders getting their bodyfat very low, but I am a little concerned.

When exactly does weight loss become dangerous?

At the moment, I am losing fat by the day, visually noticable changes every 2–3 days.

If I decide tomorrow, that I’m going to double my training period, do I have to double my calorie intake?

My body still has plenty of fat, but what will happen if I start burining it much faster than now? even though it’s fast now?

As long as I eat 2000 calories a day will I be safe? even if I start burning 4000 a day?

What are the major risks of weight loss and most common things people do wrong?

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I did this really stupid thing years ago when I wanted to lose the weight I gained from having my daughter so I I started going to the gym, I lessened my calories and started a herbal diet pill.

I over did myself so much I had a mini stroke. I don’t know if that was some kind of freak ass side effect from the pills though. Just be careful. The longer it takes to get off the longer it will stay off so take your time.

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Weight loss starts to get scary when your body fat percentage gets below 6%, or body mass index gets below 20. (Body fat %age is a better indicator). If you are getting 2000 Calories/day, and it is a healthy balanced diet, you should be fine.


It’s most dangerous when the person losing weight on purpose continues to do it irrationally, without realizing that he/she is already well past his/her ideal weight. Like what happened to poor Karen Carpenter. By the time she realized her mistake, it was too late, sadly.

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Body builders have the right idea, but you may be misinterpreting it because you see them when their body fat is very low. They will diet to be ready for an exposition, competition, but then eat more reasonably between competitions because the human body doesn’t want to be at 4% body fat all the time. Because they never range too far from their competitive percentage (up to 10% or so for men), it is easier for them to get back down to the necessary percentage for competition. Staying in the 10% range is probably best advice and only drop below that if you have a specific reason (only be scary a couple times a year). Typically 5% is about the lowest a man should go and that should be intermittent.

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zenvelo gave a great answer. However I’d like to clarify that while a balanced diet of 2000 calories per day is great, burning 4,000 calories negates your good intentions.

Your body does need to utilize calories in order keep the little things in order such as… your heart (see mini-heart attack from Meego), pulmonary system, nervous system, etc. So if you’re exhausting your body dramatically beyond the amount of calories you’re taking in that is when you’re at risk for dramatic health issues.

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