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Have you ever worked a booth at a county or state fair?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46628points) July 30th, 2011

When my husband and I owned the shop we set up every year. It was five days, 12 pm to 12 am of endurance testing, scrambling to stay hydrated. I loved every minute of it! Watching the people, eating the fair food, taking breaks and wandering through the exhibits. Rick and I would sit together and just talk without the distractions of a television. It was good for our marriage.

Well, the Democratic party sent out a request for volunteers to man the Democratic booth this year, so I signed Rick and myself up for a three hour stint today. I thought it would be awfully tedious, but that would be ok because I had my FAVORITE book (Seabiscuit) with me. Well, then one of our state reps, Ed Trimmer, showed up and Rick immediately LEFT ME and went and parked himself by Ed. Neat guy. Smart too. He was able to answer a lot of my questions. :) Those three hours went by very, very fast. I also found out that Kansas is a very racist state…. : ( I guess I can’t be friends with Blackberry any more. Sniff.

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I’ve done many outdorr art fairs.They are alot of fun…usually :)

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I’ve helped man booths at our County Fair for 3 different groups (different years). The most fun is watching people in general. Those who ask questions are a plus, but a lot of people go by and don’t meet your eye. They just want to look, thank you.
Designing and setting up the booth one year was a kick.

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Yes….I did a 3 hour stint at our county fair with our scout troop on a 100 degree day in a building and roasted like a bake potato! Couldn’t escape the stench of the pig barn across the way! Brutal!!

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I have volunteered for many events for several nonprofit entities I work with, it is usually a lot of fun…dunk tank when it is 110F in the shade is actually a good gig.

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I ran a 4-H group for 5 years when my daughter was young.

It was lots of fun. We spent every day of the whole week of county fair showing our animals, participating in judging contests, games, BBQ’s. It was exhausting but lots of fun!

I led a Poultry group and the kids would spend weeks prepping their ducks and chickens and geese for fair and filling out their record books. Great community effort and so great to see the kids get ribbons and trophies for their hard work and impeccable livestock.

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I worked an information booth for John Anderson when he was running for President in 1980.

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I paid part of my way through college as an airbrush artist. Every Summer, we packed up and ran a booth at the Marshfield Fair and Topsfield Fair. I painted in both fairs, two Summers in a row. I also painted at Hampton Beach (on the boardwalk, for a Summer).

For my current job, I’ve run food booths/tents at numerous events including the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival, a Bar-B-Q Battle and many local fairs. I’m actually set to run one in a couple weeks at the Pan Mass Challenge.

They’re fun but a ton of work. The older I get, (I was 18–20 when I airbrushed, I’m 39 now) the less I enjoy them.

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Not exactly a fair, but it was a festival. A Winter festival in Winnipeg called Le Festival du Voyageur. A two week long festival in early Spring used to celebrate the founding of the city.
As a teen, my school got me a job there for after school hours and on weekends, where I had to make sure people, usually little kids, didn’t climb on the snow sculptures, and get such types of boundaries respected. I wasn’t very good at that, so I was switched to attending the toboggan slides and helping kids on their sleighs and making sure everything was fine and safe. That worked out a whole lot better for me.
I’m not gonna say I didn’t like it, but spending days outside in Canadian Winters (even if it’s Spring) can take its toll on you when nine PM comes rolling around lol.
Still, it was a pretty cool experience.
I always loved that festival when I was a kid, so it was cool working in it later. Got to make some cash too, which was awesome for me at age 14 lol.

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Not at a county/state fair, but I did volunteer for a few hours at last year’s LGBT Pride festival for a local organisation I belong to. I’ll be doing the same again this year too.

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