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Why is drinking hot water recommended on a hot day, to cool one off?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24338points) June 15th, 2020

Also what other counter intuitive health tips do you have?

I just found out that ice cream is bad at cooling the body on a hot day

What else does and doesn’t work?

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Like you, I was confused as to this logic, so I did some of my own research. I had been told by a personal trainer that taking a hot shower vs a cold one when it’s 100° outside would cool me off better than taking a cold one. From what I read it has to do with tricking your body into thinking that it is hotter than it actually is. So, drinking hot water or taking a hot shower will increase your core temperature thereby telling your body that it needs to protect itself by cooling down some & the body draws from its own self-defense mechanisms & begins to work to cool itself down some. I’ve never tried drinking something hotter during the summer, but I have taken extremely hot showers to cool down & it worked. IF you take a cold shower, your body thinks that it’s cold & it will work to heat itself up some in order to protect itself from the cold. I don’t like cold showers so I’ve not tested that theory. I was satisfied that since taking the hot shower had succeeded in cooling me down that the opposite was most likely true!!!

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I never heard of this before, so I did a Web search and found this site The basic idea is that the body overcompensates in terms of sweat produced for the heat that is introduced. The sweat must evaporate, so the trick does not work well when it is humid.

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Breeze and shade are my favorites.

Contrasting temperatures I find very enjoyable. Cold weather, warm fire and/or drink. Hot bath, cold faucet. Hot day with breeze. Hot day with cold beverage, regardless of how efficient it is.

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I think it’s one of those classic urban myths.

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The wife said I should have a coffee right after a long run on a scorching day.
I politely declined, well no, I scrunched up my face then laughed in hers.

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@LostInParadise Nothing works to cool you off when the temperature and humidity are both high

@RedDeerGuy1 I don’t eat much ice cream in the summer; however, during the winter when the heat is on full blast, I have found that a good bowl of ice cold ice cream does make my throat feel better. So, 99.9% of my ice cream consumption is between November and March

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