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Who saw iron man?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34610points) May 1st, 2008

What did you think? I just got home and i thought it was awesome. I dont want to give anything away but stay after the credits ;)

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Have not seen it, but thanks for the heads up.

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i have not seen it, how ever i think it looks really cheesy.
i dont know if its the movie trailers that give me the impression or what but i have absolutely no interestin seeing it.

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lacerbabe its the trailers. I went into it not expecting much but its actually pretty awesome. And its actually quite funny i think thats what really made it for me.

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well im glad to hear it, perhaps i will see it in the future, but i probably wont rush to see it in theatres….
btw… batmans my favorite super hero lol

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ME TOO!!!! how did you know lols. I am ridiculously psyched for that movie.

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me too! sorry to steal the thunder off you question, but maaaaaaan
im sooo excited batman owns!

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get a room.

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It’s premiering tonight here. Can’t wait to go see….......and Robert Downey Jr…...

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From what i’ve seen of Robert Downey Jr. in the trailers, he kind of strikes me as an egotistical guy. Is it that noticeable in the film?

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As far as I’m concerned, he can be as egotistical as he wants…...I’ll still swoon…

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yes foolaholic he is egotistical but that is tony stark. He plays the role amazingly and pretty much caries the film on his shoulders.

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I really want to see it. It has gotten some pretty good reviews.

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I saw it 2 nights ago, it was awesome. It kept me laughing the whole time and the action was awesome.

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I’ve seen it 4 times now. Pure genius.

Now that the movie is over, I have the Black Sabbath song stuck in my head, and I must say, having it playing as I perform normally mundane tasks has exponentially increased the level of awesome my life doth possess. Put away the dishes? Hell yeah, I’m throwing frackin fireballs. Drive to the natural grocery? I’m cruising at a cool 200 KPH to my own personal aircraft.

My only problem is that Jeff Bridges has a very distinct voice, so whenever Obadiah or the Iron Monger was speaking, it was in the voice of The Dude. I can’t help but associate Bridges voice with The Big Lebowski, and it was really weird to have the evil genius conjure images of a stoner who likes to bowl.

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Also, Iron Man flies like a girl. (Don’t deny it!)

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@shock i had a hard time with thinking about bridges as evil as well hes such a laid back dude ^_^.

How do we think the avengers movie is going to be?

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Depending on who they cast, it could be awesome.

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Well iron man is already decided as well as hulk and nick fury. They are making a Thor and Captain America movie but they didnt announce whos playing them yet. Who would you like to see?

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Thor can only be Dolph Lundgren!!

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I think Stephen Colbert is playing Captain America…

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i was really surprised by its quality. theres sort of the transformers thing going on with the action and fight scenes but it was the normal conversation scenes etc that made it a far better movie than transformers. witty and clever, a little bit sexy and never boring, i really enjoyed it.

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