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Whos your favorite single episode character from seinfeld?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6778points) May 1st, 2008

a character from only one episode, or someone made up, like bob sacramento. my favorite is bill from after jerry wakes up from a dream where the FBI found out he has illegal cable. heres a link

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The soup Nazi, how anyone could pick a different character is a total mystery. He may be the single greatest single episode character of every sitcom ever made.

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p.s. George’s girlfriend (Susan?) lived two doors down from me and used to babysit me & my sister. I don’t remember much about her, though.

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My middle name is Kramer so I would have to say Kramer, and he always has these stupid crazy ideas and schemes to do things usually involving Newman lol

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Off the top my head…. Bookman the Library detective.

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@ kevbo – I had a huge crush on Susan!!!

I would say kramers lawyer, but he may have been in more than one

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Newman is funny. I like the dynamics between him and Jerry. One of my favorites was when Newman and Kramer used the mail truck and it was going too slow because it was too heavy and Kramer dumped the mail, then said they needed to get rid of more weight, so he slowed down and booted Newman out.

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Everyone pay attention to the topic. SINGLE EPISODE character.

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oops. I’m out, as I only ocassionally watched the show.

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Alright well single episode guy, I guess that guy who opened up that restaurant across the street from Jerry’s apartment, and Jerry gives him all this advice for his restaurant because no one is coming in and then he freaks out because he spent all this money and still no one comes by. Or Jerry’s neighbor that he doesn’t let into the apartment complex because he didn’t think he lived there. and then it turns out that he did and something important to Jerry was swallowed by his bird as of Kramer giving it to him(the bird). And it turns out that they have to go dig up the bird at the cemetery but then the neighbor and his wife find them digging him up.

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who was jerrys girlfriends name, that George and jerry would mimic after? They were interested in her navel!
And say “helllllllloooo” “lalalala”!! Its the funniest episode.

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that was her name?

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Lloyd Braun was pretty funny (“Serenity now, insanity later”). The dentist too.. Tim Watley(?). There’s too many to choose from!

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The domains of Jerry, George, Elayne and Kramer in the episode where they bet to see who was the master of their domain and could hold out the longest. Well, OK, domains are technically not characters, but you have to admit that was a hilarious episode.

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MILOS! (cocky hack tennis instructor)

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I’ve very surprised that I’m the only one to flag this as a great question, I mean this is the epitome of what a great question is imho.

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Assman the proctologist…dont remember if they showed him, Kramer drive his car around with the personalized license plates, Bubble Boy and the apartment super… Jerry wore his wide’s fur coat and the super called him a fancy pants and dandy…man I miss that show!!

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@ The Haight ~ yeah, I think so. At the time a bunch of guys at my job nicknamed our female boss Mulva. It was some sort of joke. Her real name was Dolores.

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The close-talker.

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the low-talker with the puffy shirt for Jerey to wear. And the “virgin” heh

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I’m also going with Mr. Bookman, the library detective- one of the few episodes where a guest actor gets the cast to break. Jason Alexander and Jerry can hardly keep it together.

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Haha, remember when Brittany Murphy was the “receptionist” or hostess or whatever person at Monk’s? She had those long nails, and Kramer wanted back scratches from her. I liked that character, haha.

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@ GD. Were there other that got the cast to break?

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I’m sidin’ with gorillapaws – Soup Nazi by far! We should have ended this thread after that answer.

No soup for you – one year!

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to girlofscience: that wasn’t brittany murphy. that was sunday theodore. i know it looks a lot like her before she had all that plastic surgery but her name is sunday theodore. look her up

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She doesn’t look at all like Brittany Murphy.

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