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Which song comforts you most?

Asked by msbcd (450points) July 31st, 2011

Is there a song that you listen to no matter what mood you’re in, whether it’s happy, disappointed, enthusiastic, sad etc?

Songs that I have always loved are ‘Hold on’ by Michael Buble, ‘Hallelujah’ (Kurt Nilsons) and John Mayers ‘Gravity’. There are a ton more that I love but those few are my top.
I’d be interested to see which songs comforts you completely and brings your heart to peace :)

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Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

My best friend and I always sing this song when we go out adventuring. I sing Alex’s part and she sings Jade’s part. Every time I hear this song, it always puts me in a good mood because it reminds me of awesome times we have had together.

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Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men.

It makes me happy for some reason. It’s even better when I play it and sing it on guitar.

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That’s Why They Call It the Blues by Elton John. I love that song.

Or anything by Adele, Jason Mraz, or Florence + the Machine

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I am so uncool

Carolina In My Mind – James Taylor
Danny’s Song – Kenny Loggins

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Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap
What If You – Joshua Radin
9 Crimes – Damien Rice

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@Schroedes13 Oh my. I love Damien Rice. :3

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@KatetheGreat I do as well. I’ve learned a few of his songs on guitar. My favourites are: Cannonball, Lonelily, and Older Chests. I also love his cover of “Hallelujah”.

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Everybody Hurts by REM
:And for some strange reason, I Miss You by blink-182. I don’t even listen to them a whole lot, I get a nice safe feeling from that song lol.

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off the top of my head
map of the world by monsters of folk
these days by the black keys
no children by the mountain goats
guilt by marianne faithfull
yalla yalla by joe strummer
tiger mountain peasant song by the fleet foxes (or the cover by first aid kit)

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@martianspringtime I automatically love you for posting a Mountain Goats song. You rock. They’re my favorite band on the face of the fuckin’ planet. I’m quite obsessed.

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There was a rather popular Christian composer and musician back in the 1970s named Keith Green. He composed and played a number of songs along Christian doctrine and Biblical themes, and was adamantly opposed to the commercialization that was again seeping into Christendom. You may not think that there’s a market for nail clippers that have an IXOYE sticker stuck on them, but apparently there is.

At one point he set Psalm 23 (KJV, which is awesome for this sort of thing) to music. I tend to sing it to myself when I’m in bad situations, as a reminder that God’s the one running the show. Which is in turn implies that I’ll be able to deal with whatever the bad situation might be, since we are not given trials that we can’t overcome.

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I like House Built on Sin by Rob Zombie. It feels like a lullaby to me, and my love of horror makes it only that much more familiar and comforting. And if not that, well it’s about killing a buncha people, so when I’m pissed, it’s a good way to mellow down.
It’s got this really fucking sweet droning nature, I can’t help but to sway around like a hippy.

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“Lost” by Michael Buble, that song always picks me up when I am down. The other one that calms me down when I am worked up hardcore is “Teleport Massive” by Bassnectar. I don’t know why, but when I am super mad, that one helps me release all my anger.

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No One by Alicia Keys

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@MacBatman31 ‘Lost’ is definitely one of my favourites too!

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@msbcd M.B. is the man!

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