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ITunes DRM when buying music on an iPhone?

Asked by teira (236points) May 2nd, 2008

Sorry about yet another iPhone question, but I bought an album through the iTunes app on the phone today, and I’m not quite sure how the hell I transfer this song from the phone to my computer, which I should theoretically be able to do as everything is under my same account… god damn I hate DRM.

So, ideas? Maybe can burn an album by creating a playlist on the iPhone then rerip as an MP3?

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According to all the advertisements for the iPhone / iPod Touch you should just plug the iPhone back into your computer and it will transfer across

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Turns out there was a hidden option in the file menu to transfer my music from device to computer. Wish it were more obvious. Question irrelevant now!

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Assuming your using iTunes, yes, its as simple as plugging in your iPhone and letting it sync with iTunes. There should even be a playlist on the side called “Purchased on (your phone name)”. If your not using iTunes (Why wouldn’t you?) then you’ll probably have to use iTunes to get it off your phone and then do the usual song-and-dance to remove the DRM, or upgrade your purchase to iTunes+, if available, which are DRM free.

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To be clear DRM had nothing to do with your problem. Don’t spread FUD.

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so if I download a album from iTunes that is itunes+ your saying there is no DRM restrictions? And so I could convert it to a .aiff file to burn to a CD?

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