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Has there been a question you want to ask Fluther, but you suspect some people would react with anger, and you contemplated making up a fake username?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14635points) August 4th, 2011

It is my hope that this question is self explanatory.

If you want to briefly describe the question I will give a GA automatically.

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Not for me, no.

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“I have at least one secret alias.” [said in mysterious voice]
But they haven’t asked any questions, I’m saving them for a rainy day….

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I had one for NSFW questions, then thought, ‘fuck it’, and asked naughty questions using my full-time jelly name.

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I have an alias. It’s been a long time since I’ve used it. I can’t even remember what the name is any longer.


Yes, there have been a question or two I’ve wanted to ask, but I know (not suspect) that I would incense many here. I would never make a fake username, because I like being open, upfront, and myself. I just don’t ask it because I don’t want to cause a lot of arguing back and forth, not only between me and others, but among fellow Flutherites. The disruption in the community is not worth it.

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I have an alias. I created it for a question recently, but I haven’t used it since.

I’d only use it for personal questions that I don’t want everyone know about.

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No. I don’t have a secret account here and I never will.

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Ohhhhh yeah! HS I look at the trouble my answers can bring and you bet I have questions that would invite the rock throwing crowd!

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I don’t have an alias and I probably won’t unless I ever feel the need to ask for embarrassing advice or something.

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OK. Nobody had the guts to ask so everybody gets GA’s regardless.

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If I have a question, I simply ask it and let the chips fall where they may. It’s foolish to worry about people’s reactions on this type of site.

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I’m so politically incorrect it wouldn’t work.

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YES! All the damn time!

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I never have created a second user name to ask questions that people might react badly to. There are a couple of questions I think about asking, but never have, because people would probably react poorly. More than the fluther community, I worry if someone figured out who I really am, and then I might have a lot of regret asking those questions. Already I ask stuff that sometimes is controversial, or I answer questions that I would prefer people in real life not necessarily know everything in my head. Not my close friends, they know how I think, but acquaintances, or people my husband works with.

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Nah, I can incense people with my own self, sometimes it seems like just because I ask a question vs. another member (i’ve tried having another member ask a question that had I asked would have been taken in a different way based on people’s assumptions of me), it’s already problematic for some people.

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No. I pull no punches on my opinion. I see many “new” accounts ask controversial questions though and have wondered if it was a Fluther regular incognito.

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No, I prefer to pretend to create troll names as a game here. If I ever did use one of my troll names I’d suspect everyone would know who I was. Besides, I hate liars. I prefer to just be me. I’m never intending to offend anyone.

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Nope. You should know me by now….I don’t care if people get angry. :)

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I did make a second name, and I immediately realized that no one would think it was anything but a second name for a seasoned contributer.
The mods here didn’t like it, and deleted that name. They were probably right to do it, but I wish I could still use that name.

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I haven’t. I am a pretty up-front person. However, I agree absolutely with @JL that if I did create another identity so I could ask a question here it would be because I don’t want to be identified by people who might come across the site and recognise themselves in my question. My family know I fluther for instance.

I do think there may be times when people, for whatever reason, want to ask a question but feel the need to have anonymity. Not because they are going to ask a controversial question that people will disagree with but because the question is very personal to them and they either don’t feel ready to share or just don’t want people to connect it to them but they trust the community and need some help.

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Yes, though I haven’t actually created a dummy account.

I don’t remember the specific questions that have made me think maybe I would do that.

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I just don’t really talk about the things I’m not comfortable discussing here, on a secret alias or otherwise (for the record I have no secret aliases).

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I have some questions I would like to ask and won’t, but I don’t think a secret alias would work either.

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Yeah, and I did, but then I got caught by thanking everyone with this profile haha.

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I’ve briefly thought about an alias, but the only person I would be hiding from is my daughter. She’s a mod. She would know right away. She’s pretty psychic, too. Crap, I can’t get no privacy. I’m going to go feel sorry for myself now.

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I don’t think so, its not like we know each other and we’re never going to meet each other so its cool . I mean for all we know anyone of us could be a pedophile or serial killer :)
I’m just saying!

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@sophiesword I’m a serial pedophile killer :)

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@Blackberry oh really whats your count so far !
just joking

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Nah, i’m not scared of no stoopid questions. Ask away without the need for anonymity.

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Yes…A personal question about the Martha Mitchell effect , discrimination and human rights.

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