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Can anyone suggest a great webcam for a Mac?

Asked by NightStalker (459points) August 5th, 2011

I need a freestanding webcam that is plug and play for the Mac platform.

The built in camera does not meet my needs since I need the camera to point in a different direction than the screen. I am using it to demonstrate, and will have it pointed at paper on my desk.

Wish list would be glass lens and low light correction- HD is a must so that what is written will be visible. A mic would be great too.

My budget is roughly $50 but for the right cam I could go higher.

Any suggestions? Again- has to be MAC compatible.

Many Thanks!

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Basically ever webcam out there is mac compatible nowadays, but an HD one will be more than $50. Just lOok at your local staples online or whatever you have around you.

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