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Good Camera less than 1000$?

Asked by PIXEL (1233points) October 5th, 2008

I’m looking for a camera for photography at a reasonable price. Something that takes great pictures. What do you have? Right now I’ve got my eyes on the Nikon D40. The Nikon D40 takes some great pictures.

Here are some shots from Nikon D40: 1, 2, 3

Those were all taken from iJustines Blog ;p

You guys know any other great cameras? Recommendations? Thanks

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I use a Canon XSI. It’s under $1000. Check out my blog to see what they are like.

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How much is the D90 going for? I tried one out, and it was the most amazing camera I have ever held.

Call me old fashioned, but I’m still using a 35mm. I bought a lightly used top of the line Nikon that was $1500 new for $100. I love it.

Edit: the D90 is $699 for a body, and around $749 for the kit. It takes full HD video, too. It’s my next big purchase.

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@Eambos Nice. Maybe I should look into getting a used one.

@willbrawn Woah. You’ve got talent. Really nice pictures. Are all of those edited? Or only some? I need to know which ones are not edited so I can really see the cameras quality.

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I’ve got the Canon Powershot G9, and although it’s not a Single Lens Reflex, it takes amazing shits. I love it to death. Plus, it can shoot in RAW. which is, well… raw.

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lol, “takes amazing shits”

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@shockvalue Thanks I’ll take a look at it.

Haha takes amazing shits.

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@pixel the ones that look editied like the portraits are. the Landscape are not, except for the “cherry creek” post.

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@willbrawn Thats really nice Photography. :)

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@Eambos, where are u finding a price of $699 for the D90 body. on the nikon site it shows $999.95

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@pixel thanks. I’m working on it.

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the canon xsi or xti are both found under 1000 even with upgraded lens. Its a great introductory slr! Has super fast Image processor and you can always purchase additional lenses.

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The D60 with the VR lens kit and an extra battery and flash will run you $1000. It is the most for your money hands down. There are better cameras out there in your price range but none that are going to give you the freedom of an extra battery, case, rotating head flash and all the trimmings. The new D60 also has a micro cleaner that cleans the inside of your camera everytime you flip it on or off. I own one D60 with a couple of lenses and a 8gb card. Nikons are super easy to use, most of the software for editing and small fixes are free. The customer service at Nikon rocks the casbah and I play in a photo group with guys that carry d3’s and Hasalblads. Sure my dark images are not what theirs are but aside from that you cant really tell much of a diff.
Now, if you want to spend a little over $1000. Then spring for the D90 which is total awesomness aside from the stupid, stupid video feature.

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Nikon sells the D90 for 999 retail, but stores around me had it for 699. I dont know if it was a limited time sale, but I asked the salesperson and he said they were not mismarked.

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I love my Nikon D70. If I could afford it I would probably get a smaller camera like the D40. Then again I would also love getting some of the higher end ones too. The question I ask everyone is what camera are you using now? That will greatly effect what would work best for you.

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Best bang for your buck, the Olympus Evolt E-510 . Read the many great reviews from actual owners You can get it with two Olympus lenses included, a 14–42mm f3.5–5.6 and a 40–150mm F4.0–5.6, all for less than $600! Voted best camera of 2007 here , here and here .

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something you also need to keep in mind. Make sure it feels good in your hands.

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Yes, important thing is to hold it, don’t buy a camera you do not hold, I know that I’m not pleased to take pics with a 40D, but that my K10D is made for my hands ;)

And be careful, the lens kit of the D90 is not really a good one, I mean, for a lens kit it does what you ask, but nothing more.

Else you cna also have a look at the previous D80 with a good good lens, or maybe also the K10D, with here too a good lens. Keep in mind that the lens is 90% of a picture quality.

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this is where i bought my Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT DSLR Camera, it cost me a total of $600 including tax and shipping, and you get a whole packet including the lens, tripod, 2 rechargeable batteries, memory card, and memory card reader, I find it very convenient, I love one stop shop, get everything u need from one place, all at one time.

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hahahaha oh god, I just read my typo…

I assume the 5 minute grace period for editing is over?

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LOL! Even more sad I read it as shots. Didn’t even notice.

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Canon is KING-anything else is just a waste of money.
I have a small Powershot a560 that costs me less than 120. about a year ago on ebay and takes great pictures but for up to 1000 you can get a tremendous “SLR type” digital. The really high pixels over 10 or so are really only necessary for super close up work or enlarging HUGE prints to eliminate noise.
Portable Canon

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Im with BronxLens here. Olympus is gonna give you a really good bang for your buck.

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I’ve had Olympus cameras and nothing but problems personally.

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Nikon, S34i 480pxl, best camera ever!!!!!!!

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The one in your Cell phone.

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Are you only a Nikon fan? The new entry level Nikons are great and cheap. The Canon XSI or XT1 are also amazing.

Also, DSLR only?

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Here’s another vote for the Canon EOS Rebel.

It takes amazing shits like none other!

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just announced today the canon 60d. It’s way better than a rebel and not that expensive. Body alone is around 1000.

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Canon Rebel T2i is a superb camera for its sub $1000 price. 18.7 MP sensor, ISO 100 – 12800, shutter sp. 30sec – 1 / 4000, movie mode…etc! It’s lightweight too as a beginner DSLR, so nice and easy to carry around when out shooting. [link removed by Fluther]

The Nikon D90 is also awesome. 12.9 MP sensor, ISO 100 – 6400 with low noise performance at quite high sensitivity. Movie mode. [link removed by Fluther]

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