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How long did it take you to load fluther?

Asked by andrew (16358points) November 9th, 2006
I'm looking into some huge delays that have been reported
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It has been pretty good for me.
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a while, but it's possible its just the internet.
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It was slow for me too -- unusually slow.
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Can you give estimates?
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It's intermittent
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Loaded in less than 5 seconds, but have experienced delays where the site hangs for 30 seconds ro so
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it appears that the browser window freezes. I don't think it's the internet connection
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a real long while
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like 5->10 seconds
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5->10 is bad
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but some people are reporting >30 seconds
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sorry, greater than 30s
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it is about 10sec. on the main, but I have experienced up to 30 today
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sucky slow
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its all that flashy web 2.0 sparklle
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pretty quick. 10 seconds?
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very,very quickly.
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the first time I tried logging in it took forever, in fact, I gave up. since then (today) it's been really fast. let's never invite other people and just make this a place for us friends to chat. I fear the spammers and the jerky 13 year old boys that'll ruin this
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Didn't time it but it was super quick
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super quick and wonderful!
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I've never had a problem!
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no problems - as quick as other sites, not lightning speed but no noticeable delays
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i have dsl, firefox, and a mac
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Fasterfox extensions says 1.125 seconds...

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Really fast.
But I came from the future! Bzzzzzbeep!

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