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Are you a reviewer? What do you review?

Asked by Bellatrix (21244points) August 5th, 2011

I was watching this funny You Tube clip Link

It made me think, who does write reviews? I write reviews. I write reviews on films, on restaurants (my favourite), on hotels, on activities, on places, on perfume or cosmetics. I read reviews too.

So, what do you review (if anything). If you do, why do you do it? If you don’t why don’t you? Are you a moderate, fair reviewer or a review meanie? Do you read reviews and use them to make decisions about places to go etc?

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I review my checkbook about every two days, to make sure my wife is entering all her debit card purchases.

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I have done some reviews on Urbanspoon. Not so much recently, but around Spring 2011.

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I review on tripadvisor sometimes. I also sometimes call companies about products to give feedback. I am on a USA distrobution list, and answer questions for some columnists.

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I like writing reviews on video games and horror movies. I wanted to make a website revolving around these things at one time, and even got started. But it’s all been done and I don’t really have the dedication to keep ahead lol. But I do like writing reviews on this stuff when I got free time and am up to it.

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I review a lot of things in my mind and would love to write it down, but don’t have a venue for it. I used to be a foodie’s buddy—I’ll go with her on food reviewing trips and order different dishes than she did and helped taste the food! Fun!!

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I read reviews for restaurants often before I make a decision. We have a site here called I have found some great little restaurants with excellent food by reading reviews. I do use sites like TripAdviser too when booking holidays. That would be fun to give feedback on products @JL and to be a food critic @linguaphile.

I am not sure what Urbanspoon is @jca? Is that a food site? Do you read reviews before you buy games @Symb? I read reviews on laptops and the like before I buy.

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@Bellatrix Yeah, I do read a few reviews before I buy, but they influence me very little. I got games that were deemed as crap often, but I still loved them lol.

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I just went to the CD store. I hate the CD store. It is evil.

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What CD store story?

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Is that better? See, it’s because I went to the CD store and got carried away again :D

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@Bellatrix LAUGH!!! OH! I get it! :D :D Like me in a bookstore.

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:-D yes! That’s it!

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I’ve written a few movie reviews and one restaurant review. It’s something I’d like to do more of someday.

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Nods @ucme. It most certainly does.

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@Bellatrix: Urbanspoon is a restaurant site, in the US.

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